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Historic Loadout Pics

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I like late 80's US recon teams (SEALS, SoF etc):


I like the MACV/SOG advisor look from vietnam:


In both loadouts I like the lack of body armor, helmets etc. I like the old camo patterns too.


Looks great ... light and easy ..like it a lot

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We are a loose community of several groups aiming at the sophisticated depicton of earyl medival europe. My own group chosen display is scandinavia around 950a.d. better known as the viking age. We also have frankonians and saxons in our community. We organize own events, sometimes just camps and civil livings, sometimes battles. Last year some thousand reenactors re-enacted the battle of hastings 1066 on the original battle ground. The image is made in Tilleda/Thuringia, Germany. Its on open-air museum, a re-worked version of a "Kaiserpfalz" (emperors residence), build around the excavations of the real Pfalz. We took part as the "Shockforce" of the emperors guard for the reenactment of the visit of emporeress Theophanu of Byzanz, so my kit is more late-german than viking on that image.


This one I found particular funny:


Its made on a multi-period event and features stoneage - word war 1. on the image are stone-age mammooth hunters, ealy alemanns, frankonian, vikings, high-medieval nobleman, late-medieval citicen soldiers, early 19th century pioneers, late 19th century texas rangers and world war one "Schutztruppe Deutsch-Ast-Afrika" (Expedition Corps for German East Africa).

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My M16 is in bits, but here is some of the loadout so far, i would like to get the body armour they use, but its not essential, i would also like to get some more LC2 pouches (ammo and dump pouches) but then again, everyone has a neverending wish list of airsoft stuff! :)


In case anyone asks, the flag is from Bayern








Damn camera phone! piece of ######!

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