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Historic Loadout Pics

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would the heat from the MG not burn his shoulder to hell?



You wouldn't leave it there for ages to prevent it from burning, and you try to put as little weight as possible on your shoulder failing that if you wanted you could wedge the asbestos glove under your y straps, I guess! It is also above a thick bit of leather, shoulder board, wool tunic and service shirt so there is a bit of thickness before it gets to skin!



However I didn't fight in WW2, guess you will have to ask some german veterans as I have never really thought to ask when I have spoken to them! I would imagine however a burn is the last thing on your mind in real combat!

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The Beginings of my 1969 scale of issue motor rifles kit:







Kit list for those pics:


Ssh68 Helmet

M69 BDU (only recieved today so needs to be ironed)

Fighting load webbing: AKM pouch and grenade pouch

British Army assault boots

weapon is AK74 (incorrect for webbing set up, but not incorrect to scale of issue. also the GP-30 is not accurate for the period i just didnt bother removing it for the pics)


Need to get:



Motor Rifles Insigna- Red shoulder boards and colar tabs, arm patch

Gas mask and bag

Replace assault boots with soviet "jack boots"

(possibly) replace Ssh68 with Ssh40 or Ssh 60, I might keep it how it is, but prefer the look of the '40.

wipe mud off helmet and possibly get a helmet net


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i did not know that soviet forces faught in Afghanistan? What time period was this btw?


The Soviets fought for in Afghanistan for ten years from 1979-1989. Also Afghanistan isn't really "deserty", more mountainous. :)






always too slow on the reply...lol


#2nd EDIT#


mikoyan99 - lovin' the angolan look, working on a Cuban inpression atm, will try to post it soon

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