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G&P M14 DMR Conversion Kit for TM M14

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G&P M14 DMR Conversion Kit for TM M14

Review and Installation Guide


Like many others, I've been looking forward to this stock for quite some time. I ordered it from WGC last week and the USPS mail carrier brought it to my door today (Sunday!).


The G&P box is quite plain with a simple sticker indicating the contents. Packaging is very simple - the stock is wrapped in bubble wrap. The new motor/mount is nestled within the stock.



First Impression

The DMR stock has a solid feel and the textured stock and grip feel very nice. The color is very, very green, especially when compaired to the dark green stock of the TM M14. A one-page, full-color installation guide is included.



The adjustable length butt plate is removed by unscrewing two bolts. The battery compartment looks pretty spacious. More on the battery install later.



Stock removal is a simple process. Just pop up the trigger gaurd, pull off the trigger gaurd unit, place the selector swith on auto to avoid damaging the selector arm, pull the upper unit away from the stock, and disconnect the battery connector.



Just like the TM stock, there is a predrilled hole for the bipod mount.


The new motor mount places the motor in more of a straight line with rest of the upper assembly.



Motor removal requires removing two screws and the trigger spring.



The new motor/mount installed easily and the next step is to deal with the wiring. Just for fun I tried out the stock wiring and with minimal effort I was able to connect the stock wiring. In fact, I do not really see why the new wiring was even included. I used a little electrical tape to hold the wiring in place and connected the stock battery connector/fuse assembly.



Reinstalling the upper unit to the new stock is just like doing it with the TM stock.


The battery compartment is actually a little tight for the wiring, fuse, and large battery, but it all fit.



And that is pretty much it. Installation took me around 20 minutes.


The cheek rest is adjusted by loosening the four knobs and manually moving the rest.


Finished Product




Second Impressions

The DMR stock feels more solid than the TM stock. The testured surfaces have a solid grip. The pistol grip feels good in the hand. The cheek rest is solid. The butt pad layers can be removed for length adjustment. Holding the gun in a resting position is very comfortable. The same can be said for the shooting from multiple positions.


The motor sounds just like the stock TM motor and ROF appears to be the same.


All in all this is a nice unit, especially considering the price tag of under $180 shipped from HK.


Closing Comment

I can't say anything more appropriate than the closing comment on the instruction guide. Ooarh!!


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Sure, except I'm not gonna swap the motor mounts and therefore can't show you what it would look like with the trigger gaurd.



Not my cup of tea . . .


Jay, you're off Bitchin' Squad if you ever actually use the gun set up like that.

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Adjustable Butt Plate and Battery Storage Issues


After fiddling with the gun a bit, I decided to try a slightly larger battery (still a large 8.4 but a bulkier panasonic kind) and remove some of the butt plates. In doing so I had two issues.


Issue #1: The slightly larger, standard-shaped 8.4 would not fit, no matter how I tried to shift it around in the compartment. I ended up cutting out the center of two of the adjustable butt plates to create more space and make it work.


Issue #2: The short threads of the butt plate screws only allow one plate to be removed. The bolts cannot tighten if more than one plate is removed. I'm sure I can find replacement bolts that will work if I decide to remove another plate (there are a total of four plates plus the butt pad), but it is still a hassle.

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Battery Update


The G&P product description on WGC mentions the following batteries: GP631 / GP632 ( Need T-Type Converter ) / GP784A / GP784B.


After a little searching on the G&P website, I found these:









As shown above, a 9.6v can fit in there, but it is a custom configuration.


I just threw in the standard-shaped, large 8.4v (1800 and 3300 mah) batteries I have on hand. The G&P configurations would fit better and you can get them with or without the funky connector that works with the wiring that comes with the kit.

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