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Face it boys and girls. The SCAR is the next Armalite. They're sowing up everywhere these days, and plenty of manufacturers are pumping them out. And i figure if there can be an H&K thread and a G36 thread, then we can have an FN thread and a SCAR thread, so none of that.








Rubber rail protectors, G&P ACOG w/ killflash, TD Battle grip, Gaurder vert grip. I can;t stand M16 style pistol grips, so I replaced it with the battle grip.


I'm likley the only person in the world who purchased the STAR SCAR without any desire to use the EGLM. Heh. And I've already pawned it off, so don;t ask. (Although, STAR could make a killing if they sold the EGLM seperate.)


Anyway, I'm done with it, modification wise. Doesn;t need any internal upgrades. I might get it MC hydrocoated, but the local airsoft climate still requires me to use different uniforms often. I might get a Docter red dot for the ACOG at some point down the line.

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