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Meister G17 Review

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The Glock G17 is widely becoming one of the most popular handguns especially among law enforcement so I decided to get one of these to see what all the hype was about. This Meister G17 replica was released recently in late 2007 and I bought it from Keith at RSOV during the introductory price time getting it to my door for $92. Considering the postage from Hong Kong that's a pretty good price for an airsoft pistol with Metal slide and full trades. It took about 2 and a half weeks to arrive.






The gun when first picked up is top heavy as any glock is due to the frame being plastic (polymer in real steel) and the slide being metal. However when the magazine is inserted it balances out quite nicely. Everything fits together very well with no rattles unlike my G18C.


The sights are plastic but dotted very clearly in white so they are very easy to use.




Metal parts on the gun include the slide, plate at the back of the slide, serial number plate, slide lock and the entire magazine, internals and hopup. Outer barrel and ejection port are plastic. Under the barrel there is the standard rail for lasers and lights. This version of the G17 does have a working trigger safety unlike the KWA Glocks.




My gun did come with an orange tip but I wish Keith had some better paint. About the first inch or so of the outer barrel was painted orange however this paint flaked off very easily so there were little orange paint specks all over the gun and even inside the gun. So until I can find a more permanent way to get rid of it I've just taped over it with electrical tape.






The gun does feel solid but there are some things that do show that it is a cheaper ACM pistol. First of all, the metal slide is finished very poorly. There are blemishes and small scratches throughout the entire slide. Also the slide is a lighter color than the frame being more of a dark grey than black.




Another major thing is that the seam lines on the frame are quite obvious. For me that isn't a big issue since you can't feel it at all when you're holding the gun as the grip's textured as it is but I know some people don't like that.




On the magazine there is a splotch on mine that looks almost like someone accidentally spilled superglue on it and then scratched it off with their fingernail. Also on the left side of the magazine there are seven circles that look like casting marks.




Now all these things I mentioned are annoying but they don't affect the functionality of the gun at all. Besides, remember that it only costs $50 plus shipping so minor cosmetic things can be overlooked if it functions like it's supposed to.




One of the main selling points for this specific G17 replica was the fact that it was supposed to have full trades. The advertised trades are all there and as far as I know are mostly correct. One thing I noticed was that on the left side of the slide, the "9x19" is a little forward of where it should be.




On the right side there is a small bird logo where I thought the glock logo was supposed to be. This same logo shows up on the block in the ejection port after the serial number. I don't know if the serial number is unique but mine was DMD076 and that was on the ejection port, the slide and the plate on the bottom of the frame.




On the right side of the grip there are three US patent numbers that do in fact belong to Glock for an automatic pistol. The magazine also has the correct trades.




Performance tests will come shortly :)

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Great review was waiting for this and it sounds pretty good so far, I was going to get one but RSOV just completely took it off its site. I'll just wait for the second version from gunners then, again great review! :D



Oh and do you know if its a TM clone?

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The difference in slide color actually isn't that bad, the flash on the camera made it seem a lot worse than it is. I don't know about the second version but the recoil on this one is pretty snappy as it is. Actually comparable to my TM Hi capa 4.3 which is saying a lot. It was supposed to be a TM clone but I've never seen the inside of a TM G17 so... What I can tell you is that it doesn't look like a KWA G18C on the inside.

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You realise that KWA Glocks DO have a working trigger safety everywhere else on the planet, right?

It's a bit unfair to say "This has a trigger-safety, unlike a KWA" when, if you'd bought a KWA Glock from HK it would have had a trigger-safety too.


Also, what IS the gun?

GBB, AEP, springer, what?

Your review is a bit thin on details.

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Stealthbomber it's a gbb mate.


The trades and serial number is the exact same as Mauri. Looking at the mag (feed lips) it is similar to Mauri. The "small bird logo" is european proofmark and glocks sold in europe have same trades on slide.


willwizard if you post some piccys of the insides and hop, I can compare it to my Mauri for you and friendlyfire, hell if its a Mauri clone I'll buy one myself :D.

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Some people may not like the seam lines. But they are there on the real Glocks as well, so I want them on my airsoft model as well.


Other than that, I find it positive that you have pointed out several shortcomings in the finish of the pistol. Too many reviews today are so positive, perhaps because it's hard for people admit that they have paid money for something that's not perfect.



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To me it sounded like garbage too, so it's not just you. Cheers to Willwizard for being critical about it.


I'd like to see how it actually performs, but I'm afraid it would only be a chuckle instead of a surprise. A mate of mine from the practical shooting club bought a Chinese clone of the TM 1911 for about 35 USD, and it's hou lan fai.

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hey, at the least it can be used as a trial gun.. for sanding trials, painting trials, part trials, trial and error trials, trialing people's patience.


I would like to know how it works/performs too.

Just because the magazine looks MARUI.. (mauri is a maori word.. :) ) what about the gas chamber.. the loading mechanism, the hopup?

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How can you call it garbage because of those cosmetic issues alone? Most people nowadays get aftermarket metal slides for their TM glocks anyways so why does the stock slide's finish matter? The magazine issue can also be remedied by buying any TM G17 mag. Obviously you're not going to be getting the absolute best quality in a gun that costs $50 but if you want to customize a glock that's TM compatible, this is the way to go. Once I get a chance to fire it down a range longer than my bedroom I'll finish the review with more statistical data.

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For anyone that was confused in any way, this review pertains only to the Gas Blowback Airsoft handgun modeled after the Glock G17 by the new Airsoft company Meister. If you would like any information on the Real steel gun it imitates, here are some links…





Now on with the review!


Operation and Testing


The operation of this GBB is like that of any airsoft gas gun. The magazine loads just like any other, it holds about 23-24 depending on how many you want to squish in. The magazine actually fits in pretty tight in the gun. So much so that when the magazine release is pressed, the magazine sometimes does not drop free. After reloading a couple dozen times it's gotten much looser and it only occasionally sticks in the magwell. The first thing I noticed upon firing the gun was that it's blowback was very quick. Rate of fire is also very fast. Felt recoil is not very much though, even with the metal slide. For some reason on my first magazine several times the slide would lock back with several bb's still in the magazine. This only happened on the first magazine right after gassing it. After reloading I didn't experience it. I'm guessing someone more familiar with the inside of a GBB would be able to fix this.


I was testing this gun with Green Gas and .20 bb's at room temperature. I fired about 400 shots to test shots per gas fill and cool down effect and experienced no failures other than the slide locking randomly near the end of the first mag. Each gas fill gets about 2-2.5 mags worth of bb's, ~55 bb's. Firing rapidly the gun will not lock back on the second mag but I didn't feel a difference while firing, it just started to dry fire. Cool down effect is minimal other than the slide not locking back on the second mag. It didn't seem like there was a drop in power until the final two or three shots.


One thing to note is that when the slide is locked back on an empty mag, if you don't pull the mag out in one smooth motion the gas will start leaking for some reason. This can be a problem because since the magazine likes to stick in the magwell, you might not always be able to remove the magazine and the gas will leak.


I also shot two targets at 20 feet, 10 shots each. On target one I could only count eight holes so either two went through the same holes or it's possible that they went under the target as the paper was quite small. The grouping ended up being a diagonal line about 2.5" long. Target two had a very nice and even grouping at about 2" with four going into one large hole. Both times the gun shot slightly low and to the left but I had not adjusted the hop up.







Full Metal Slide

Correct and complete trades

Very solidly built (little to no rattles)


Nice blowback

TM Clone




Inferior finish on Slide

Visible Seam lines (also on real steel so personal preference)

Magazine is tight in magwell

Slide locks prematurely sometimes





There are two ways to look at this gun. The finish of the slide and the magazine make this a bad buy if cosmetic problems really bug you and detract from the joy you get from purchasing a new airsoft gun. On the other hand you can view this as a cheaper alternative to a very nice airsoft GBB(TM G17) with the bonus of having a metal slide. If you were planning to get a TM G17 and upgrading the plastic slide anyways then the difference is small between the two guns. The performance of this GBB is nothing to laugh at especially at the price. If you're looking to get a pretty glock to hang on the wall, then by all means get a TM. But if you're on a budget and looking for a practical GBB that will do its job, look into getting one of these.



Here's a youtube video because I'm too lazy to make my own. Credit goes to CNairsoft.com


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Yep just like the TM G17 I got for my nephew, same looking internals. Thanks for the pics and again great review, now I can get a cheapo G17 and plink in the backyard with him. :D


And to add the TM G17 is the first ever Glock I've handled (I'm more of 1911 kind of guy) and I have to say its a pretty cool gun!

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Quick update, I found out why the slide was locking back randomly. The part on the bb follower on the magazine was 2 mm too hight so on the last bb it would still push the slide lock up. 5 minutes with a dremel and it was fine. Also the gas doesn't leak anymore when the slide is open. Seems like it just needed some time to get broken in.

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By the time you've done that, you might as well have just upgraded the TM with PGC metal slide and barrel, and a Guarder frame. You'll be much happier with that :)


In Hong Kong, i would most certainly do that. however i'm currently living overseas for school, and there is a store nearby where i could buy the meister. plus, because of where i am now, importing a TM is hard for me and would certainly cost more to get.



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