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TM AK74MN REVIEW + First Impressions

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>>>>>>Tokyo Marui AK74MN Shoot and Recoil Engine<<<<<<

Modernized AK Rifle 5.45 x 39MM Model of 1991

Shinden Airsoft Review


Background of the Tokyo Marui AK74


Announced in Spring of 2007 at the Shizuoka Hobby Show in Japan, people pass through the Tokyo Marui booth with the black colored board with a AK74 Modernized poster. Many thought it was just a remake until now. The AK74MN is the latest innovation AEG available from Tokyo Marui taking a leap towards a more realistic Airsoft gun and providing realism. Before, the very first AEG created was the Tokyo Marui FA-MAS. Using a ver.1 gearbox and firing non-stop on full-auto created a technological revolution in the hobby market that changed “Survival Games” of the past from BV systems into Automatic Electric Guns.




Keeping the pace in AEG technology and standards, the year of 2007 brought an interesting competition stepping into the market. This was China. With China’s great mass-production efforts and factories, it was soon in time that new Airsoft companies were introduced. The amount of repeating companies producing knock-off AEGs and products was the proof that the AEG design is now old and a new idea must be brought on the table.


With the current AEGs, the guns were only designed to shoot a BB with no recoil while some have internal recoil system, or a bolt blowback system. There was no combination of both systems in an AEG until now. From Tokyo Marui’s PSG1 with a blowback bolt to the Uzi with internal recoil using a reversed system, Tokyo Marui has unveiled the latest weapon and a famous weapon of all times, the AK74MN. It is an AEG with both blowback and recoil with a worldwide patent design. The AK74MN is based on the Russian AK-74M model from 1991.




The information below is taken from Wikipedia regarding the AK74’s Real Steel History:


AK74 Real Steel History


The AK-74 is a 5.45 mm assault rifle developed in the early 1970s in the Soviet Union by Mikhail Kalashnikov. It was the first Soviet rifle to be chambered in an intermediate rifle caliber. It was introduced into service in 1974 (used to equip, among others, Soviet forces engaged in the Afghanistan conflict). The weapon’s name is an abbreviation for (Avtomat Kalashnikova model 1974, Russian: Автомат Калашникова образца 1974 года; “Kalashnikov automatic rifle model 1974”). Currently the weapon is in use by the majority of countries of the former USSR. Production of the rifle and its several locally-designed variants was and in some cases continues to be carried out in Bulgaria (AK-74 and AKS-74U), China (Type 88), the former East Germany (MPi-AK-74, MPi-AKS-74, MPi-AKS-74K), Poland (wz. 1988 Tantal, wz. 1989 Onyks) and Romania (AKS-74). However, no licenses were ever acquired to produce these weapons, countries politically allied with the Soviet Union simply received the technology to the rifle under intergovernmental agreements, completely free of charge but were prohibited from exporting these weapons. With the fall of the socialist system, the legal status of these copies is now disputed.




Design details

The AK-74 is in essence, an updated version of the 7.62 mm AKM assault rifle, but features several notable design improvements. These modifications are primarily the result of adapting the weapon to the intermediate 5.45x39mm rifle cartridge. The result of these changes is a more accurate and reliable weapon than the AKM. The AK-74 shares an approximate 50% parts commonality with the AKM (interchangeable are most often pins, springs and screws).


The rifle is equipped with a new strengthened barrel, that has a chrome-lined bore and 4 right-hand grooves at a 200 mm (1:8 in) rifling twist rate. Fixed to the barrel is a newly-designed front sight base and gas block.


The gas block contains a gas valve that is installed at a 90° angle in relation to the bore axis. A pair of support brackets are cast into the gas block assembly and are used to attach a WG-15 or GP-25 under-slung 40 mm grenade launcher. The forward section of the front sight base features a threaded collar that is used to screw in the new multifunction muzzle device (performing the role of a muzzle brake, recoil compensator and flash suppressor) or a blank-firing adaptor. The barrel is mounted in a redesigned receiver housing (changes to the receiver include the front barrel and rear stock trunnions as well as the magazine socket). Further modifications were done to the bolt carrier assembly and bolt; new synthetic 30-round magazines were introduced, made initially from Bakelite. The magazines can be quickly recharged from stripper clips.




The AK-74 was also equipped with a new stock, handguard and gas cylinder. The stock has a different shoulder pad than the AKM, which is rubber and serrated for increased traction. In addition, there are weight-reducing lightning cuts on each side of the buttstock.


The handguard and gas cylinder are both fitted with tension springs that reduce play in the lateral axis. The stock, lower handguard and upper heatguard were initially manufactured from wood and then laminated, this later changed to a synthetic plum or black-colored polymer.


Accessories supplied with the rifle include: a 6H4-type bayonet, a quick-loading device, three spare magazines, four 15-round stripper clips, maintenance kit, cleaning rod and sling. The bayonet is installed by slipping the muzzle ring around the flash hider and latching the handle down on the bayonet lug under the front sight base. The weapon fires the intermediate 5.45x39mm M74 rifle ammunition that includes the jacketed, steel-core 7N6 cartridge, 7T3 tracer round and blank bullet. The ammunition was developed by a team of designers led by Victor Sabelnikov.


The weapon’s operation during firing and reloading is identical to the AKM.


In 1991 the Izhmash factory in the city of Izhevsk began production of an improved variant of the AK-74 – the AK-74M (M – Russian: Модернизированный; Modernizirovanniy or "Modernized") assault rifle. Apart from several minor production improvements the rifle also features a new synthetic stock made from a black, glass-filled polyamide that is shaped like the AK-74 fixed stock, but also folds like in the AKS-74. Additionally the AK-74M uses a reinforced muzzle device and dust cover. Each AK-74M is fitted with a side-rail bracket for mounting optics. The AK-74M has been accepted as the new service rifle of the Russian Federation.”

That was quite a history lesson now was it? Yes we don’t enjoy reading long entries, let’s get our hands dirty now.

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Tokyo Marui AK74MN - The Features of 2008 Airsoft


Before I mention anything let’s double check on the features before you start to skip reading vital areas later in the review and asking questions. Here is a full list of what is new, different, and what to expect: (Basic Information folks)


-Likewise with the Tokyo Marui Type 89, the AK74MN sports a Full-metal Aluminum Die-cast Receiver/Body and small pressed steel parts.

Plastic Parts are: Handguard, Stock, Magazine, Hop Up, Grip, and Battery compartment.

Steel Pressed Parts are: Trigger Guard, Trigger, Selector, Receiver Cover Rib, Handguard housing,

Aluminum Die-Cast Parts are: Lower Receiver, Outer Barrel, Flash Hider, Cleaning Rod, Take down lever, Scope Mount, Iron sights, stock release button/latch.


-The Stock can fold and lock in position with the touch of a button.


-A Silencer can be easily fitted with no effort or screws.


-The AK74MN works like a normal AK, with the selector in the Safe, Full-Auto, and Semi-Auto selection.


-The gun features a working blowback and internal recoil together.


-A scope can be mounted by buying any Russian AK74 scope mount or the optional Tokyo Marui scope mount soon to be released.


-What is new is the gearbox. This also means the motor is different using an EG1000S model, the hop-up, and of course the magazines.


-Regular AK47 magazines will not work as the AK74MN magazines are proprietary. You can try fitting them in, but they won’t lock in and of course you won’t be able to shoot with it unless you modify the magazines.


-The Battery is a standard 8.4v Small Commando Battery from Tokyo Marui and fits in the front heatguard compartment. It is not possible to install a battery inside the stock.




Tokyo Marui AK74MN -The Delivery and Packaging-


The brand new Russian weapon from Japan comes in a rather sporty box, but giving a more modern feel and look. The box design is the exact same design used on the Tokyo Marui AK74MN flyers and portfolios. I believe the look is also to target PMC fans. You are exposed with a brilliant flash of savory Russian green box inside holding the AK74MN. Along with its contents is a chocolate box sized Accessories package with a printed globe giving a very “Tactical” look of the world printed on top in red with grids across (making it look like a PMC/Military/Video Game look). You will also find a smaller Ammo box with the printed 5.45 x 39mm ammunition picture containing your 6mm rounds (As usual with Tokyo Marui products, they include a small box of ammunition with the printed real ammunition specs).



Inside the main box you are obligated to pick up your:


1x AK74MN

1x Standard 74 Round Magazine

1x BB Loading Rod+Tube

1x BB Cleaning Rod

1x Accessories Box containing printed documents

1x 5.45x 39mm Box containing ammunition






Inside the Accessories box is:


1x Printed instruction manuals

1x 2007 Tokyo Marui Airsoft Catalogue

1x Front site adjustment key tool

1x Red safety cap.


Inside the 5.45 x 39mm box is:


1x Small bag of 200 Rounds Tokyo Marui .25g BBs




The packaging has no visible foam inside the box for a more displayable look. The coloring of the box and packaging are well done and leaves the buyer proud of his purchase. (At first I was thinking of the usual fabric used under the gun, however this time there is none.)

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Tokyo Marui AK74MN Rundown of the Beauty No Trigger Discipline Required








The overall length of the assault rifle is 943mm long (94.3cm) with the stock unfolded. While this may sound like a small weapon, it is longer than your average AK47. With the stock folded however, the gun is only at 700mm (70cm) long. It is just as short as an AKS.






Lets look at how to make the gun work: At first there is a nice red warning sticker under the selector slots stating that if it is removed you will scratch the surface of the receiver. There is no such thing as a scratch-less receiver from moving the selector up and down. Real AKs in general have scratches present on the selector if you move it around and scratches are nice ways to make your AK look battle worn and deviant.




The operation of the selector is the same as that of a normal AK47. In this case, the selector works as both a dust cover and safety. The selector is firmly built and moves very solid into each position. The first position is the Safe position, Full-auto, and Semi-auto position. The AK series works differently compared to your regular M4 weapons or HK weapons as the selector is reversed. The AK is more of a machine gun than that of a rifle. The AK74M uses a 5.45mm round so the AK74 has improved its accuracy very much, however it still keeps the legacy of a machine gun with the selector in the Full-Auto position at first.








Right below the selector are receiver pins that have been fully detailed and replicated. In front of the selector looks like a little cartoon character with a mouth doesnt it? :o




The grip of the AK74MN is plastic, but it is much easy to grip thanks to the grooves. The trigger is nicely made with a crisp pull. Underneath the trigger, you will not see a silver colored mech case like the regular AK47s or the cheaper models as well. In fact, underneath the trigger, all you see is the trigger and the black mecha box part. This hides the cheapness away. The trigger and trigger guard is both made in metal as well. Im very pleased with this little thought that was put into this product.



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Looking down the sight is the classic AK47 style rear sight adjustment and front sight. The rear sight is like a ladder in which the two tabs at each end are to be pressed and slide up or down for elevation. Both rear and front sights are made of metal as well. The front sight is a horn-like shape ring with a post in the middle. The center post can be adjusted as well with the included front sight adjustment key tool. Simply attach the key on top of the post and turn it around until you have the desired height. The AK sights in general are not like the peep hole sights on that of M4s.






Pro-Tip 1: The AK rifle has two adjustable sights front and rear. Zeroing elevation adjustments are made using the front and rear sights. The rear sight has an elevation knob with range indicators from 100 to 1000 meters. Elevation is controlled by moving the slide in the up or down position. Most AK sights do not have a windage adjustment on the rear sight, so you must adjust the front sight instead. The front sight consists of a rotating sight post. The front sight will allow you to adjust for elevation by rotating the front sight pin up or down. Note: if you wish to move your point of impact up then you must rotate the sight down. If you wish your point of impact to go down you must rotate the front sight pin up. In general any changes you make in your front sight must be made in the opposite direction.



Pro-Tip 2: Establish Zero This is for a real AK, however the concept is the same.

The following procedure will establish a zero at 25 meters, and your AK will be set with a 1000 meter battle sight zero. This means that all shots will be within a 16" circle at all ranges up to 1000 meters.

Establish Mechanical Zero -

Slide the spring loaded catcher down until the range scale 1 (100-meter) mark is aligned with the spring loaded catcher.

Carefully aim and fire each shot of a 3-shot group at a paper target set up at 25 meters. If your shots are not striking the point-of-aim, then adjust your sights.

To raise the next shot group, rotate the front sight post in the down direction (clockwise)

To lower the next shot group, rotate the front sight post in the up direction (counter-clockwise)

To move the next shot group left, turn the rear sight windage knob counterclockwise, or drift the front sight to the right.

To move the next shot group right, turn the rear sight windage knob clockwise, or drift the front sight to the left.

Continue to fire 3-shot groups and adjust the sights until you have a tight group at the point of aim.

Once this is done, rifle is now combat-zeroed all other ranges on the elevation knob are also zeroed, so to engage target at say 500 meters, turn the spring loaded catcher to 5.


Quite a lesson again right? Well let's move on.


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Moving towards the rear, the gun features the unique folding stock. The stock is made of plastic, however there are metal parts used in the smaller areas. At the rear of the buttplate, there is a button-like tab protruding out and a large circular plate. The larger plate is actually a storage room for a Cleaning Kit in the real AK74M rifle *(Known as the Cleaning Kit Compartment). You simply press the plate in to operate. To fold the stock, you will have to press a circle shaped button/tab on the left side of the receiver to release the lock. The stock will then collapse/fold to the left of the receiver and a small latch will lock the stock in place. There is simply no play in this gun with the stock out or closed.





This is the stock catch button. Press this and the stock will freely move.



On the stock, you can see where the large rectangle shaped mold is. This actually where the scope mount plate will sit in. The red arrow is the stock release button.



This latch/catch is for the stock to hook on and lock on. With this, the gun has no play at all.



After folding the stock, this is the rear end of the gun.




To retract the stock, you will press the round button tab at the back of the buttplate and bring the stock to its original position. The stock will simply lock back in place. I do recommend you to apply grease on the pivot joint to reduce friction. The stock can only be closed/folded/collapsed completely if you have no scope mount on the gun. If you attached an aftermarket scope mount or optional scope mount, you cannot fold the stock over and lock it in place. Please keep this mind.





If you like to fold the stock and have a scope, you can also buy the AK47 top receiver cover rail part. It will work for the AK74MN as well.



The scope mount is that small metal bar-like peice. A scope mount like the one shown below can be clamped on.



(Optional Marui Scope Mount)-Picture from Tokyo Marui


On the left side of the AK74MN, there is a piece of the “modern” AK scope mount bracket. This piece is designed to have a clamp-on scope mount with a rail or a Russian optic like the Cobra.


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Now going towards the front of the gun, we have the metal outer barrel and muzzle break. The front muzzle break/flash hider can be removed by pressing a small rod to disengage the stop. While holding this small rod in, you can turn the muzzle break and completely remove it. Note: This muzzle break is only for the AK74MN and does not use a 14mm thread. Once the muzzle is removed you are greeted with a familiar 14mm Neg. thread for you to attach your own aftermarket silencers. (Very much like the TM MAC10 as well)




Below the barrel is a thin rod-like piece. This is actually present on the real AKs as well. It is the cleaning rod for the weapon and is faithfully reproduced. It is non-functional though.




The handguard and heatguard of the weapon gives the entire AK74M the “M” for “Modern”. Its black sleek look and ribbed lining of the cooling fins is a sign of combat readiness. The real AK74M uses a fiberglass grip, however the Tokyo Marui model is plastic. The handguard not only serves for you to hold the weapon properly, however it is where the rifle’s power source is. Looking on the right side of the rifle, there is a lever-like piece. This is the gas tube disassembly lever (in this case this is how we open the grip to place the battery in.)

Simply lift this lever upwards. The lever is made out of metal too so you do not worry about breaking it. Once you have the lever in the ‘up’ position, the upper heatguard piece can now be removed like that on a real AK74M.




Before popping in the battery, you can see how the gas tube connection is also realistic and looks like the real deal. The battery compartment is small for one. It can only accept a small standard 8.4volt battery. In this case I was using the Tokyo Marui 8.4v Mini-S type Commando battery and fits in very perfect as well as a Sanyo 8.4 Ni-Cad. The battery is placed vertically inside the grip which has surprised me. The wires are designed to run between the battery’s “dip”.






You will have to make sure your current 8.4 batteries have a long wire. For users using a shorter wire battery, the battery won’t fit due to the wire and

connectors not sitting in flush. To correct this, you can simply modify the gun with pliers and a screw driver.







As you can see here in this diagram, remove the screws as shown. Once the front handguard tab plate is removed by shifting it forward, the lower hand guard can now be removed and the fuse is exposed. Next unscrew the bottom screw to move the battery tray tabs forward by about 5mm. Once you have the tray moved forward, screw it back in. Next as shown here, use pliers or any cutting tool to cut a small section of the tray. Then place the wires like shown and you can use your own batteries with short wires.

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The gun is now loaded and ready to shoot! Simply load the BBs into the magazine and move the selector from Safe to Semi-Auto. Now before I start shooting, lets jump to the hop up and bolt.




The hop up of the gun is very much like the one used in the Type 89. Unlike previous AK47s, the hop up was a small lever that freely moved around at times from playing. The hop up is located inside the bolt. Simply pull the metal bolt back and hold it. You will see a dial-type hop up system. You can adjust the hop up more or less by turning the dial clockwise and less by counter clockwise turns. The hop up is very much like the Type 89 and M14 series. It is a very solid hop up system and there is no play too. Once you have the hop-up set, release the bolt and the bolt will make a nice chime of metal against metal. How melodious~.



Tokyo Marui AK74MN -Heavy Metal and Details-


Continuing on where the bolt is, the upper section of the receiver is made of Steel, again like the other small metal parts across the gun. The rear of the top receiver cover is a small button. This button can be pressed and the entire upper receiver part can be now removed. Upon removing, you can see how the unit above the gearbox holds the weight and spring unit to allow the bolt to blowback. The mechanism works by an open slot on the top of the gearbox that allows the bolt to catch the piston to propel the movement. Currently I do not have the proper tool to remove the top cover holding the weight and recoil mechanism.







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Let's look at the detail surrounding the gun.






This is a view of the AK74MN from underneath and you can see how the receiver pins and screws are exactly at the right areas.






There are a few serial numbers on the gun including the number 0625 on the bolt and Izhmash logo followed by 7840625 on the left side of the receiver.




When you collapse the stock, this is how the rear end of the gun looks like.








The receiver has every slots, bolts, pins, and screws on the right areas.


Are you curious to the design of the AK74MN? Here are the parts list enjoy!:






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Tokyo Marui AK74MN –Performance, Shooting, and Feel


Enough with the chat, lock and load!


Now this is entirely a very hard gun to explain in words as many people have different views and results on the gun’s blowback. Some may say it’s great, other may say it’s weak. Let’s get down to business and settle this.


Upon loading the magazine and a charged battery, the initial tests were done in Semi-Auto only for accuracy tests, feel, power, and blowback.


Before firing at the paper target, I have already set the front and rear sites to accommodate my tests and the hop up was adjusted for 25m. Currently using Tokyo Marui .20g BBs at 0 wind conditions at regular room temperature.


The hostage is a normal 8.5x11 paper with a 15cm x 15cm target set at 20m. No humans were used in tests so far.


Holding the rifle as a real AK-47, I pull the trigger. The first shot is fired across the room as the EG1000S motor whips a BB through the air. The blowback at first is surprising in a quiet room. Initially I have also thought it would be a sewing machine, however shot after shot, this is starting to sound like a very familiar machine…The bolt cycles every time I pull the trigger with no effort at a length of 5cm back (which doesn’t sound a lot of movement, it actually is impressive to look at.) The recoil is simultaneously engaged as it feels almost like a GBB. You do have to actually hold the rifle more securely when firing if you are to expect your shots to land on impact. The blowback and recoil engine is impressive and did not disappoint me at all. I was expecting worse, however this is much better than a regular slap-on blowback kit. The recoil shock is a little light, but not as bad as the VSR-10 Real Shock model. While shooting you will notice the vibration of the gun rattling through the gun and the barrel shakes up as well.




Firing 10 shots at the target, every shot on semi-auto whips a BB through the paper. The damage is done is rather not bad at all and has about a 95~100mm grouping on average. The gun was fired on a stable platform to improve test accuracy.


Now switching the selector on full-auto, I randomly open fire on the helpless thin material of paper. Shouldering the weapon again I aim and pull the trigger. The weapon blazes with noise of the gearbox, the bolt, and the recoil mechanism making music much more pleasant than a sewing machine. The gearbox is rather smooth in the operation and provides no screechy noise while firing unlike other cheap guns. Yes, that noise I recall was the old typewriter I used in Middle School one time. The metal slams back and forth inside the gun breaking the silence in a quiet room. The gun shakes literally from firing and the vibration is worth looking at while shooting. There is about 5+mm of movement of the entire gun while shooting.


The paper is literally obliterated at 20m away. Bullet ridden victims around the house, this is the new AK74MN Russian Typewriter. I can also add, it’s like a mini-jack hammer.


The blowback works with a slot opened on the top of the gearbox exposing the piston and spring. The recoil unit weight, and the return spring and bolt are all connected to one with a rod running through to the spring and bolt. The recoil unit has a catch underneath and grabs on to the piston which pulls the rod connected to the return spring and bolt. A small plate is in front of the recoil unit and slams against it. The mechanism is more detailed than words, and sadly I do not have the time to take apart the gun to fully examine the internals. If you are curious, visit to examine the gearbox and internal parts uncovered at this Chinese site: http://www.kicbbgun.com.tw/phpbb2/viewtopic.php?t=10242


Now shooting aside, the weight is one thing to consider of this gun. The gun is made of Aluminum Die-cast, pressed steel, and plastic for the body. The weight is roughly 3050g with the battery and BBs loaded. Not bad at all and in fact the weight distribution and center of gravity is right in front of where the magazine is located. It makes the gun very easy to hold and shoulder with both hands. It is also comfortable to hold the weapon by the foregrip, the magazine, and single hand.




Tokyo Marui AK74MN -Price, Statistics, Accessories, and Optional Parts.-


Q.-How much is the AK74MN?

A.-This is good question. Tokyo Marui is selling this weapon for 57,540YEN., however in Japan Airsoft shops are selling at a much lower price at roughly $420.00. Currently online shops as Redwolfairsoft.com is selling the AK74MN for $422.00 w/o Shipping and Handling.


Q.-What is the statistics?

A.-Here’s a complete rundown:


Tokyo Marui AK74MN




Magazine Capacity-Standard 74 Rounds/Hi-Cap 480 Rounds


Gearbox type-Shoot and Recoil Engine


Motor-EG1000S High Torque Short


Shooting mode-Safe, Semi, Full + Bolt blowback and internal Recoil


Rifle Length-943.0mm with stock / 700mm with stock folded


Power-300 (280Low-290Mid-300+High) FPS Average / .88J with .20g / 93 MPS Average


RPM-1050RPM Average


Battery Type-8.4v Mini-S Type 600/1200/1400MAH


Hop-up-Dial type hop up Adjustable


Inner barrel Length- 460mm


Bolt blowback travel length– 5cm


Gun recoil movement- 5mm~+ (Depends on how strong you hold the gun or how loose you hold the gun, the recoil movement is changed.) So results will vary. Tests from users and friends have stated the gun has enough vibration to spill a half cup of water. Although some states the gun is not as strong as a .22cal rifle. It is more comparable to a GBB handgun inside a rifle.


Price- Est $420.00~480.00+ Average



Q.-What else can I buy for my AK74MN?

A.-You can currently buy the following items that are on the market right now or coming soon:


TM AK74MN Hi-Capacity Magazine 480 Rounds.- Est. $38.00 ~ $45.00

TM AK74MN Standard Magazine 74 Rounds – Est. $25.00

TM AK74MN Scope Mount Base – Not released at the moment


PDI Inner barrel Short

PDI Outer barrel Short

PDI Cleaning Rod Short


AK47 top receiver rail will also work with the AK74MN too.

AK74 Bayonet

AK74 Magazine Well from Echigoya


Other AK74M related parts/ Hand Guard

Silencer – Any brand will be fine. Russian PBS Silencers are recommended!

Russian Optics for AK- POSP, Cobra/Kobra Reddot scopes are great choices and fits fine.

Tactical Sling- Any brand

14mm Neg. Flash hiders-Any brand

CA/GNP AK Grenade Launcher 40mm

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Tokyo Marui AK74MN –Conclusion, Score, and Personal Opinion. The Verdict-

Now is the verdict!


Ever since the first Airsoft gun was made I was amazed with the concept of the AEG system. The ability to fire a rifle, semi-auto and full-auto without the use of tanks and a more user friendly system to charge a battery and go, changed the games; not to mention the available aftermarket parts to create your own custom gun. With Tokyo Marui producing guns with blowback, burst, internal recoil, compact gearboxes, improved hop-up and accuracy, the TM AK74MN is a nice surprise and change of airsoft in 2008, the start of realistic functioning airsoft.


The TM AK74MN is certainly built like an Assault Rifle. The weapon is a very close representation to the real AK series. The AEG with its blowback and recoil system will impress users on the field who enjoys realism very much. The blowback on the gun will not change the game drastically in out doors, however indoors it will. This is a rather simple AEG with not much area to customize until manufacturers produce more optional parts for this.


One area that was peculiar was how the classic AK47s magazines cannot be compatible. As with the Type 89, at least a regular M4 magazine could be used, however with the AK74MN it is completely different. There is also another point that the limited small battery space was not a very good choice for a gun that uses more power than a normal AEG. It should have at least stored the battery in the stock and use VFC’s contact tabs in the stock to allow the gun to fire.


With current models from Tokyo Marui including small extra items, I was hoping for Tokyo Marui to include an extra item. Rather the TM AK74MN only came with the basic necessities. With such a release of a new product, a sling or scope or silencer would have been a nice addition.


Overall, the gun will not disappoint any first time buyers who are seeking either a full-metal AK, blowback AK, or a reliable gun with decent finishes on the gun. The price is steep for a new gun (as TM guns are becoming more expensive one after another.), so buyers may not be attracted to this gun thanks to the high price.


Upgrading the power of the gun is not recommended as crucial parts are not available at the moment.


On the other hand, the gun provides a slightly interesting addition to the game. With the blowback and noise, it will be loud on the feel so the way you play may change (It will attract more enemies on the contrary for good or for bad).


The power of the gun is below 1.0 J so it is acceptable for people living in countries with strict FPS limits. Yet, the gun has decent range and accuracy as well. The accuracy of the gun depends due to the gun shaking while shooting on full-auto, but you can still shoot a man target from 20m away no problem. This is still an assault rifle so it was designed for mid-range combat and close quarters as well.


With the release of this AK74MN, I do hope conversion kits will be available for other AK type weapons. I would like to see an AKS74U conversion kit with blowback or an SVD for a change. I am sure the recoil and blowback gearbox can be made into other guns as well and provide the recoil and blowback in the future from Tokyo Marui.









-Full metal complete AK74M

-Bolt carrier blowback and internal recoil offers hours of enjoyment and engagement on the field

-New magazine design which allows every BBs to be fired without skipping

-Folding stock

-High surface details

-Side scope mount is compatible with third party scope mounts

-New hop up design compared to older AK47 series

-New gearbox

-Good weight balance

-Fires very smooth with the blowback engaging

-Innovative gearbox design

-World-wide Patented gearbox, therefore you won't have any cheap knock offs of the "shoot and recoil" engine

-This might bring forth new guns in the future with blowback and recoil as standard

-This is an AK74MN :)

-Aftermarket AK47 parts and AK74 parts can be fitted on




-Battery compartment is too small for larger batteries and the battery compartment is designed only for certain small 8.4v batteries

-Magazine is proprietary and cannot use AK47 magazines

-The plastic should have been glass-fiber as many other companies are using Polymer/Glass Fiber parts

-Bolt carrier movement is only 5cm (this is either a con or pro)

-Recoil may seem weak to some people

-AKs in general not popular among Armalite lovers or HK lovers


-Lack of internal upgrades except small parts as bushing, spring, innerbarrel, and hop up etc. Crucial parts as the piston or gears not released as of now

-Should have included more extra items like the MAC10. The initial press photos showed the AK74MN with a tan sling and this may have been a nice set

-The gun should have been named the AK-74M instead of AK74MN

-Such a gun should have been released more earlier

-This is an AK74MN <_<




Perhaps I may be a little strict on my scoring, however the AK74MN receives:

Packaging 9/10 Overall box packaging is appreciable


External 9/10 The quality of the surface detail is just right. Trademarks are also appealing. The AK74M is too common now.


Internal 8/10 No steel gears, proprietary, but reliable engineering


Realism 10/10 Blowback and overall looks are just real enough to fool a pro


Material 9/10 Aluminum Die-cast is not bad, but more steel would be nice in the future.


Function 9/10 The stock, sights, selector are just satisfying. Bolt should

move back more next time or offer more heavier recoil.


Shooting 10/10 Shooting is just great as a plinker too. Never gets boring.


Performance 9/10 Great performance, yet not an accurate weapon thanks to the

recoil shaking the gun. It is accurate to the point where you

can hit the target, however not spot on the same spot. It is a

smooth reliable blowback gun. Not recommended for long range.


Feel 9/10 Almost like the real AK, however the weight is slightly off,

but it is by far the most sturdy rock-solid AK from Tokyo



Skirmish Use 7/10 This is not an ideal outdoor long range weapon. It can be

used in outdoors thanks to the hop up and the inner barrel, however you must

keep your engagements close to med range if you want an accurate shot. (Roughly 25m is

a good engagement distance, however the gun will be able to shoot really far thanks to the 460mm length inner barrel shooting at near 300FPS.) In comparison, a TM M14 is also around 280~300FPS with a 450mm inner barrel so you can expect the same range with the AK74MN. The only thing is the recoil unit will create vibration that will not make it an accurate weapon compared to the TM M14. Also to note, keep spare batteries handy. The small battery will not last very long because of the drag created by the recoil unit and blowback unit on the gearbox/motor. Switching batteries are simple, however keep this in mind like all other small battery type AEGs.


The TM AK74MN scores an 89/100, a B+ Class AEG.



First review on Arnies by me. Hope you enjoy and buy one someday or not.

Edited by Shinden
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One note, the railed top cover WILL NOT WORK. It is too short.


Really? Well perhaps that one pictured may not work, however my friend in Japan placed one on top though...I have to find his photo somewhere when I have time.


Then again thanks for reading guys and the feedback!

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Hey Exorcist 86!


The battery compartment is only around 1cm larger in length to the 8.4v mini battery. You can put a Li-poly battery inside as long as it is the compact model. I do recommend not to use anything bigger then a 9.6v battery at the most. There are li-poly batteries that are 11.1v too, but that would be too strong on the gearbox. If anything, use a li-poly battery that is around 9.6 v or less with atleast 1200MAH or higher.

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I think the Gearbox could handle a M100 or M110 at the beginning of my airsoft career ;) i only had TM AK & AUG and they ran well with a M100 and 8,4 V the Steyr AUG also had the 8,4 600mah battery like the AK74MN


they destroyed my dreams :( cause in austria the airsoft sites allow 450fps AEG´s and the AK is way too underpowered :(

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Sup Sekiryu!


I have never tried cutting a portion off of the bolt, however the bolt design is made to be pulled by the center bolt peice. There is the cover for the bolt, and the actual bolt. The blowback works by pulling the rod that is connected to the center piece of the blowback. This means the stroke of the gearbox must be longer for the bolt to be pulled back farther. Currently I do not believe it is possibe to have the bolt pull all the way back by cutting out a few parts.



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Fantastic review as always from the Arnie's Staff!


Initially when i heard that TM were going to be doing a blowback AEG i thought back to such ones as the G&G L85 and the subsequent Army R85 clone, and thought "o-noes!" and then "is it gonna be another shambles?" i guess only time will tell


Also any chance of getting a video of it being fired? if its not too much to ask


Great review again!

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