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Where can I post this AK/M4/thermonuclear device?

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Another FAQ to help things run smooth


<b>There's no thread for my gun</b>

Have a look and see if there's a thread on something very similar, including but not limited too: B&T Mp5s in the HK thread or Lr300s and sr25s in the Armalite thread.

Also please post your sniper rifles in the thread in the snipers haven, and your support weapons in the appropriate thread in the foxhole


<b>The thread I want to post my pictures in is locked</b>

If its over 100 pages long then its entirely possible that a new version has been started, if not have a look back in case there's something similar.


<b>I want to ask someone a question about something in a locked thread</b>

PM them, most of our members are quite friendly, and those that bite are fully vaccinated.


<b>I want to start a thread for X there isn't one and doesn't fit in anything else</b>

PM a moderator.


<b>I'm still not sure</b>

PM Misfit, or any other member of the moderating team.

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