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Overzealous picture thread lockage?

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I'd just like to say I like the new picture thread sorting system, but I think some unnecessary lockage has taken place - As an example, The P90 picture thread has been closed and the FN picture thread to be used. Thing is, personally, I hate SCARs, I dislike FN2000s and am not hugely fond of FALs, but I love P90s. What if I want to see pictures of P90s without all the junk that is useless to me? This is purely an example.


Simiarly, the painted weapon thread needn't be closed - It's nice to see and discuss various paint schemes and not have to trawl through other threads.


Am I the only one who feels this way?




- Gareth.

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I agree, this is maddness!


(Arnie's is not Sparta)


Fair enough if that's what the mods want to do but, I can't really see a point to closing threads on a discussion board for no reason. Soon it may be a "nobody-converses-and-just-stares-at-the-screen board.

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The threads were closed primarily to make moving them easier. Following that we opened those that we felt were appropriate within the new sections. Some new staff have been appointed to better manage the picture sections, and in this case I think that perhaps the thread closed was unecessary. I shall re-open it shortly. Cheers. :)

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Under the weapons picture section it says something about posting newley aquired items, yet the latest aquisition thread hasn't been reopened. Personally i loved being able to see what new kit fellow 'softers are getting in. Also the Flecktarn picture thread I would like to see reopened. That or make a new one that focuses more on Bundeswehr loadout pictures than just plain old Flecktarn loaduouts.


I think that the reorganization is good because i hated having to go through all of the pages looking for a specific picture thread. Only thing now to do is re-open picture threads that were being used, even if they only had 10 pages or so.

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