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Pics Of Your Gear.

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My latest SEAL loadout, oldschool m60 gunner 90's












Kit list:


Us woodland bdu

od bandana

nomex od gloves

magnum cb boots


LC2 belt with y harness

2 saw pouches

1 canteen pouch

1 bianchi holster

1 mk3 knife

1 medkit pouch

1 budpack


alice woodland medium backpack with frame


mk43 mod 0

sig p226

m72 LAW

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Private Security Contractor:





-Kahki Cargos

-Tan t-shirt

-Magnum StealthII boots

-Chevy baseball hat

-Mechanix gloves

-Wiley X XL-1


First Line:

-Standard US Duty Belt

-Motorola Cell Phone

-Motorola Talk About T5500 Radio

-(2x) HSGI Pistol Magazine Pouch Krylon Khaki

-Gerber Hook Blade Belt-mounted Knife (6.5" blade)

-SafariLand 6004

-Gerber Suspension Multitool


Second Line:


-BHI Admin Pouch (with: Surefire Z2 Combat Light, Pen, Map/Documents)

-(4x) TT Tripple 5.56 NATO Magazine Pouch (with: [8x] 5.56 NATO 30rd Magazines)

-TT Zippered Utility Pouch (with: Firestarter, small First Aid kit, pop flares, chem lights)



-Armalite M15A4 Carbine (with: Standard grips and carry handle, LE stock)

-Kimber Desert Warrior


SWAT, urban and woodland:





-ESS Profiles

-Propper Navy Blue BDUs (-GoreTex Woodland BDUs)

-BHI Omega

-Alta elbow pads

-Nomex Aviator Gloves (-BHI SOLAG Gloves)

-US duty belt

-HSGI Drop leg holster

-Gerber Multi tool

-Specter dump pouch

-HSGI pistol mag pouches

-Alta knee pads

-Magnum Stealth II boots


Currently working on MFR greenside loadout. :)

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Dirty up those dam cargo pants 101matt lol. Make it look cooler. And a beard for the security contractor but other than that cool loadout guys

Ill get my loadout put together and get a pic hopefully without my dam camera dieing or breaking.

Pic of my friend, we basically have the same loadout except different vests, a mich 2001, and tan gloves, ess goggles, Tm m4 s-system and tan boots.



Hes got acu hat(dont know brand)

Propper acu

China goggles

OE tech plate carrier

OE m4 magazine pouches


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For the record I am not -much- of a Chairsofter....this was taken as a joke for a friend.....





HSGI weesatch

Tru Spec ACUs (I know flag is placed wrong, I found it in the bottom of my gear bag and stuck it there so I wouldn't lose it.)

Issue PASGT (My Dads issued helmet in the USMC.)

ESS Turbo Profiles



G&G SOC16 with numerous upgrades.

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as seen in the Russian thread













Kit list:


Flora BDU

Misc Black Body armour

Green Tshirt

wooly hat

Ssh68 helmet

Shtorm2 vest

Altberg skywalk boots


I prefer the Shtorm2 to my 6sh92, this is mostly because of the design, and the fact i can actually fit grenades in The pouches. the only problems i can see with this vest are: 1) the buckles can make a bit of noise as they are metal. 2) the mag pouches are a bit high, this can make reloading kinda hard, but should be ok once you get used to it, however it does make shouldering you rifle bery hard (see pic 3) however you can comfortably shoulder your rifle if your willing to chicken wing a bit (see pic 4)


i will be replacing the Ssh68 with a p7(replica PASGT with visor)


now all i need to do is buy a GP-30 and 16 shells :P

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My latest SEAL loadout, yeah, again lol













Still need to replace some stuff, but i like it so far :D



ORC PCU level 5

Toy soldier IBH with ms2000

Oakley assault boots

Mechanix gloves


Eagle RRS-V with eagle, bhi and hsgi pouches

Blackwater belt with safariland 6004 and sog seal pup

Frogman headset



Sig p226

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Looks great - do you use your ACOG that close? I use them at work, and find I have to have them reasonably spaced from my eye, or it bugs me. ps: those flexi-cuffs can get expensive, be glad you dont actually have to use them! I'll be doing some load-outs later tonight, and will edit this to add them..

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I know these Cyma Goggles sucks, i put it on for the sake of taking the photo . Gona be gettin some flakjak goggles


And I have a Well R8 G3 SAS Yeah I know i got some ACM cheapo lasers and flashlights on it. But hey I'm only 14 with a budget lol, gona get a Dboys S-System soon.


Not relevant to loadout, but this is how my well r8 looks now with the Leapers red/green dot 40mm scope, so it looks so much better now


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