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Pics Of Your Gear.

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Looking good Angel :D


Which M14 pouchs do you use? And what happend to your EBR? :P


Also... Are you wearing a PACA or some kind of under body armour? :unsure: - 2nd pic kinda looks like you are -_-


Nice Fanny-Pack :rolleyes:

Using STS M14 doubles, and the EBR is non-functional at the moment, since the semi-auto stopped working, and it doesn't feed properly in full auto <_< . I really should have grabbed it for the pics though, since it looks awesome now its krylon'd.


No 'under armour', just my CIRAS with real Pointblank [level IIIA] & Tetranike [level IV] armour in. What you might be seeing it the shoulder part of the ICE suspenders for my bozzer belt.


Fanny pack - You love it really :P. Atleast it stops me getting shot in the love plums.


kyonshi - The gasmask was just for show in the pics at the end of the day. I've got a plan to make it more usable in future, and get a 5-hole-hood made up in MC. But for now its a novelty item.

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It looks pretty complete too me... But you could have a leg rig on the other leg, dump pouch maybe or M4 mags. Also some tan/CB kneepads, unless they are out of shot.
yeah i am wearing a tan right knee pad only the right leg as that is the only one i use as thats is what i kneel down on


looks good. maybe ditch the protec and get a mich? i think it looks fine though.
i am in the process of ordering a mich 2002 in tan
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