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Pics Of Your Gear.

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Haha that is awesome "perfect for the south of france"... lol :)


I've been looking for german uniforms recently, to get into the whole WW2 scene, but i'll need to research what is 'appropriate' before buying anything. Don't want to turn up to an event in a uniform that makes be look like AH's fanboi.

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One of my WW2 loadouts:




Hauptscharfuhrer in the 9th SS Division "Hohenstaufen" (since then, all rebadged as "DF" Regiment of 2nd SS Division "Das Reich")


All repro gear - got some original kit at home, but damned if im using that at a skirmish!


M40 Tunic with all the bling

Plane Tree second pattern smock

Dot 44 trousers

Studded repro ankle boots


M35 lid with Plane Tree cover


SS buckle and EM's belt



1 x 3 mag pouch

Leather P38 holster


Weapons? PGC'd TOP MP40 and Maruzen P38.


Top day that was down at UCAP (though I would say that, i was one of the people running it LOL)





Angel - just avoid anything like Allgemeine SS, SD, Kripo, Gestapo, KZ or anything like that. It will be frowned upon....

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- CWU-27/P Nomex flight suit

- Hatch Nomex hood

- Nomex pilot gloves

- ACM Mich TC-2001 helmet (with custom work of velcro)

- Peltor Tactical 6S (with custom work to add a headset for Kenwood UBZ-JL8)

- Blacwater Gear I-O Vest with cummerbund

- Eagle Industries one point sling

- Pantac / Phantom M.A.P. pack with camelback

- Blackwater Gear MBITR radio pouch

- Two Blackwater Gear grenade pouchs

- Two Blackwater Gear flashbang pouchs

- Blackwater Gear dual pistol magazine pouch

- Six Pantac / Phantom dual M16 magazine pouchs

- Pantac / Phantom M.O.L.L.E. belt

- Blackhawk Industries foldable dump pouch

- Safariland 6004 for 1911

- GemTech security pistol lanyard

- Pantac / Phantom triangular M.O.L.L.E. leg platform

- Blackhwater Gear large supressor pouch

- Alta knee pads

- Belleville 550-ST USMC boots


The airsoft guns are M468 Barrett (custom made) and Kimber I-CQB (Western Arms MarSOC)


I think thats its all ^_^

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I still need some things but its starting to come together. Also I use an M4 but I need a barrel nut wrench to put on the new RAS and it has just a bare frontset right now.



TAG flexfit hat

TAG Molle chestrig CB

TAG X2 Double M4 pouches CB

TAG M60 pouch CB

Serpa Coyote

Camelbak CB

TAG Duty belt CB

No Name dumper CB-ish

BHI canteen pouch woodland



TAG canteen pouch CB

TAG smoke grenade pouch CB

TAG doulbe pistol mag pouch CB

Devgru bownman headset

1911. As of now Im gonna borrow a friends for the Op this kit is for but eventually I'll get my own





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Is that TAG chest rig basically the same thing as a Eagle RRV?


EDIT: Looks awesome btw.

Pretty much except it cant take a plate, but its not like that matters for airsoft. I got it because it was cheaper than the Eagle and lot easier to get in a true coyote brown.

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Ha sorry, I edited that part because I took 30 seconds and looked at a picture.


Yeah, I really want a RRV lookalike in Ranger green but I'm too cheap for the Eagle and, as far as I know, there is no RG krylon, so I can't spray paint repro gear (trying to create an Army Ranger loadout).

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So recently I decided to get a SAW because no one on my team shoots enough :P . I also decided to throw together a "modernized" ALICE kit which I tweaked for comfort (M56 harness, TT belt). I also have been loving the *beep* out of my MCU jacket and have worn it every single day since I got it a few months ago. It's so good I spent another $100 to replace it after my previous one got lost. So, this is the result of all my reorganizing and the kit I've built around my epic SAW.




Clothing -


MCU lvl5

Southwest motorsports gloves

AdventureTech "undies"

Issue ACU Bottoms

Kryloned Hat

Merrell Ventelator Mids



Combat Kit (All pouches attached via zip-ties) -


TT belt

M56 Harness

Rigger modified SAW pouch

Triple LC2 Mag pouch (lid removed, grenade flaps removed)

Triple LC2 Mag pouch (holding 2 frags)

2 no. LC2 Canteen Pouches

Radio Pouch

Strobe Pouch (With Vietnam era strobe)

Krylon dusted MOLLE double M4

LC2 Medical pouch

TT 3 day pack w/ SOTech IFAK


Weapon -



200 round hardshell magazine

Heat shield removed

Lower RAS

Tango Down VFG

Fixed Stock




















All picture credit goes to the team photographer, David Hintze of GWAG Designs (www.gwagdesigns.com).

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