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Pics Of Your Gear.

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Threw together a "world's skinniest PMC" loadout...supah-simple.






Then...I played too much COD4 on xbox this past week...








Then the shemagh kindly informed me that my breath stinks...so I took it off, to look mean...yeah..I'm hard...




Slightly less mean...




...and I found a new use for Pyrex measuring glasses.





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Marpat pants, OD shirt(soon to be marpat when it comes in). Fidragon Marpat vest. Converse boots. KWA m4. The glasses are crappy, I wear mesh, but this pic was for posing sake.


Only difference is that Im gonna start wearing my new WileyX Nerve Goggles I picked up today:


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The vaunted and highly sought-after 6SH-92 russian rig...its recently become fairly available. I was able to snag two (one in canvas flora, and another in VSR nylon) back when they were a bit scarce. Good rig...I need to figure out how to fit it slightly better or add padding to my chest, because it tends to slouch backwards when something heavy is in the pack - but i'm getting there...comes w/ additional 4-AK mag pouch, and 2x 5-round GP25 grenade holders which can all be attached if you want to get ridiculous. Good piece though!

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lol, I'm hunting down some Flora or Reed for the top to be more correct...and I couldn't figure out how to attach my knife to my shoulder-strap w/out a bunch of hassle. Its actually a comfortable and useable load-out...might try it minus the Shemagh for some games...(whenever I find time to play again = chairsofter for the last two damn years)

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Thats just a cheap imitation SEALS type armour vest with a Warrior Assault Systems chest rig over the top.


Yes they are V12s, I got them when they first came out and loved them but have since started to fog, even more so with the cap. I've heard that you can remove the foam sections from above and below the lens modules and this helps tremendously, I'm going to try this next skirmish.

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My basic set-up for warm weather...







G&P SR-16 URX Carbine


TM M1911A1




US Tri-Color Woodland BDUs

Tiger Stripe boonie

Army Combat Boots

Pantac Wasatch

Pantac Folding Dump Pouch

Phantom Compact Hydration Carrier

Tactical Black Sharpie Fine Point

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Here's my most recent loadout. just need to get some US WOODLAND shirt and trousers. I'm also waiting for an OD Molle Dropleg Pistol Holster.


If anyone has any woodland shirts or trouser in good nick they wanna get rid of let me know





will post some better pics when i get some batteries for my camera lol

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I dont have any better pics atm as these are from last sunday just randomly taken but this is my current and main loadout.




Clothes consist of Danish M84 trousers/jacket/cap.

Mest goggles.


Warrior Recon Plate Carrier in OD

Viper radio pouch on shoulder

Make use of the reservoir system currently as an ammo dump.

2x viper pistol mag pouches on right side hip


Motorola walkabout radio + headset


2008 M4A1 PTW SopMod + surefire m900 on 1 point sling

KSC USP.45 OD Metal on hip in a nice Fobus retention holster

Tm1911 custom in the mag pouch of molle vest

6x 120rnd midcaps


But i mostly prefer to drop all that and run about with a pistol.



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Dont worry, you arent gay for checking me out :P . Hell its annoying in my weight training at school all the skinny little 10th grades freakin poke me and feel me up while Im lifting. But just a word of advice, get someone who knows how to lift so they can teach you good form. I promise you will get better results with less wieght and better form than the people throwing around as much weight as they can. Or you can do whatI also do is work out with and PT with Marines. Hooray for the DEP! On a serious airsofting note I've ordered a MICH (but MARSgear is being stupid and hasnt responded to my calls or email about charging me $30 for express shipping when I choose priority) and I still need to get the devgru headet and a DBT lowvis carrier along with a few pouches but its almost done. Stupid real rifle and motorcycle eating my crucial airsoft money <_<

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