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Pics Of Your Gear.

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Here's some of my stuff that I've acquired over the years. Never really posted it before, though.


I've been practicing my Russian "don't give a s***" look" :P


Here's a late soviet/ early russian federation spetsnaz loadout





Hatch wheelchair gloves

6Sh68 helmet with berezka cover

Real Sword Chicom replica

Rex Designs M7 Berezka


Black boots (hidden)

MAG Plum AK74 magazines

Kalash AK-74S


need to get a real sling





Russian Federation conscript loadout:

Flora BDU

6Sh92 in flora

6Sh68 with flora cover

Black boots (hidden)


Kalash AK-74S

Plum and Bakelite MAG magazines

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Belt too loose, and my other pistol holsters belt strap too long ( now fixed and shortened by my girlfriends sewingmachine)


Long innerbarrel PDW is soo sexy. ROF with custom stock battery is scary.







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Was doing a joke video for a buddy...and the end result was me wearing...4 AEGs, two pistols, 12-15 magazines, shotgun shells, and about 70% of the pouches that I own...yeah...eat that Lord Sex!


(btw: totally immobile in this outfit, and sweating to death, but it was worth the laughs)


PS: working on version 2...will feature far more gear...

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Nice. Likin' the 2 pistols also. Is that dumper or demo bag or whatever it is uncomfortable on the front of your leg?


Thanks Carter,


It is dump pouch. Some cheapo Miltec or something. Works tho.

Actually it is not uncomfortable there. I have to keep it there in front of my thigh, because of the lefty Mk23 holster.


Yes, two Mk23´s is soo fun to skirmish dually. Starting to hit something with two guns now, hehee.





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Yup, VFC...and the AKSU-74 strapped to the back is a cheap Cyma...VFC may not make super-great internals but their build quality and look is absolutely outstanding. Its my really pampered rifle (point in fact, not used yet in a skirmish...)

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Hi guys, the vbss/goplats loadouts is almost complete, just need some minor details, but the main idea is already there.























Todo en la foto es original, la mayoria de cosas, sobretodo el chaleco son de los años 80-90.


Kit List



Magnum black boots

Half cut black gloves

Nomex OD hood

Spie harness


American Body Armour vest:

ABA triple m4/mp5 pouch with buckle

ABA triple m4/mp5 with no buckle

ABA double pistol pouch

ABA small utility pouch

ABA flash and crash pouch OD (the leg strap is broken and need to be repaired)

LPU-21 custom

LBT spec ops holster

LC2 belt

Canteen pouch with canteen

Alice medic kit

Gas mask pouch with MCU 2AP

MK3 knife with mk13 mod 0 real pop flare

ABA combat vest backpack with SRU-40B bottle


Custom protec helmet with comms and SDU-5 strobe



Sig p226


Still need:


PT body armour real deal

Adidas gsg9, old model

mx300r radio


surefire old 6p


And i think thats all, i hope to finish it soon but i have other things to buy first, so once i finish i will take good pics in a better place :)

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Wow! Amazing loadout as always lordsex.


Not to the same level, but here's my navy eod attempt:








Still missing a few things, i.e. norotos mount and safariland, but I think it's getting there.


Oh, and I don't normally blur my face, just looked like a complete pillock in these shots lol.


Cheers, razor

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