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Pics Of Your Gear.

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ben, the farc look is very cool, my favourite of them all i think.




although you were proberbly right to cover your face on that one.....


Was created for a Game with this topic - went there with 7 Guys, all the same loadout, two FARC flags and a willys... pretty fun game - were the only ones of about 30 FARC people that wore something near this loadout.


Face is mainly covered because of me making a dork face... don't really care about anything else, every loadout is in a way an insult to someone. Even if it is not meant that way at all.

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I'm scoutsleader, we have a camp every summer, with a theme, and sketches every day revealing the theme. The departure was the theft of our bartender, so we headed for an abroad search&resque operation. I was the terrorist ;D (notice the finger off the trigger)


Loadout: cheapest 2ndhand vest I could find, my shemag, pair of retro sunshades.



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EI Admin

5x Paraclete mag pouches

EI 2-M4/4-45FB

EI medic

EI MLCS GP pouch


Paraclete upright GP pouch

SDS personal Radio pouch with DEVGRU set


DBT FAPC with cummerbund

Paraclete TX-II shingle

2x Paraclete mag pouches

EI MLCS GP pouch

Paraclete upright GP


Emdom SAF/admin

Emdom DA mag pouch

Blackwater suppressor pouch


Safariland ELCS

SDS DA mag pouch

2x SDS RACK mag pouches

2x TT mag pouches

TT Zippered Utility pouch

TT dump pouch

Paraclete 2qt canteen pouch

SDS medic pouch

SDS single pistol mag pouch

BHI FB pouch


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Thats a cool RE setup Callahan, Badass Sword :D


Heres some pix w my GF w my USMC FR gear and "battlefield pickup" AK ;)





mmm... i need to do that

i mean, get mine to put my stuff on... for pics...


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jones, rhodesian kit or just, mix and match? looks similar to...




A little of both, actually. The hat is SADF and the shirt is from Transkei (one of the SA Bantustans), but I am going for a Rhodesian-style setup. One of these days I'm going to get a Rhodie shirt and hat and run them in place of the SA/Transkei stuff.


ETA: The pistol belt and canteens are US ALICE with some alleged "brown" spray paint. Those would be replaced with SA Pat. 70 kit.

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yeah, do it. i love rhodie set ups.


I would except that I'm effectively broke and won't be able to skirmish until November due to being at university and not having a car.


I do love the Rhodesian and SADF kit. So clean, so simple, so effective.

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