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Pics Of Your Gear.

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Nice kit Justin. Is that LAW just a de-militarized piece of metal, or is it one of those Gas 40mm launchers?


Its a real deal (Disarmed) M72A3 LAW.


Edit: Billy Bob, the LAW is just attached with the straps from the MAP. Its not stable, and I wouldn't suggest it. It was more or less just for the photo. I will be using some 1 inch milspec webbing to attach it to the PC in the future. I once played an entire day with a sawn off M500 attached to the MAP in a similar way and it was a PITA. It wouldn't stay secure because of the buckles on the MAP. They dont actually lock the strapping in place.

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Justin, that my old EPC? Lookin' good :)


That is is. Worn over a PACA Low Vis SPR Concealable in Ranger Green.


Im trying to get away from my Eagle CIRAS in OD. I took the cummerbund off, Im liking it a whole lot more now. Im trying to roll as light as possible these days.


I have an entire Ranger Green setup coming in soon:


I have on order currently:


Ranger Green Eagle RRV w/ Rear Plate Carrier

RG EI Frags

RG EI Medic Pouch


RG EI Admin Panel

Ranger Green EI M4 Mag pouches.

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Good stuff. See you've got the TAG map holder, nifty bit of kit. Haven't fielded mine yet, but its certainly cool ;) .


And I do love catterick, just wish it wasn't 300miles away :( .


yeah had the tag armband for about 4 months now, use it at all the big events, in fact the whole team has them now.


its a drag i know being 300 miles, theres normally about 8 of us travelling from the south coast in two cars, we just take it easy ,loads of stops, and the journey is always a good crack, the journey back however can be a little daunting with only 2-3hrs kip.


If Any other site offered weekends like Stirling Airsoft do, in the south east we'd go, but they dont, ive yet to have a bad weekend there, all the staff are spot on, and the site itself is immense.


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