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Pics Of Your Gear.

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Now pay attention class, as you can plainly see here, this poor fellow has a fully fledged case of vortex face. Does anyone know the correct dosage to cure this? Anyone? No? forty milligrams, forty milligrams of stubble and this unfortunate gentleman will be able to rofl faces normally again.

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I came out of the black SWAT closet and went to woods :D

Must take the wrong badges off from my Estonian woodland outfit.


Special thanks to my fellow player Janne aka Customizer for the great photos:









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This is a bad picture. The day was over, so my gear was all beat up and my shirt was over my belt and everything. But it gives you a basic idea of what I look like. BTW, that's a barrel cover, they're required at this field when you aren't playing.




P.S. The boots are fine. I'll get tan ones soon, but these go with all of my other loadouts, and there's a lot of undergrowth at this field.

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