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Pics Of Your Gear.

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There's actually 6 mags there, and not too much MOLLE real estate at all.


The main portion of the Warlord only has 5 columns of PALS loops, and only 2 columns on the side.


Its made to be a compact system.


Both my M14s are DMRs so I really dont need to carry vast amounts of ammo to fulfill that role.......


The beauty of the Warlord is the internal storage, not external. Inside there is a large map pocket, and spots for tools, comms equipment, etc.


It's actually a very nice, function driven piece of specialty kit. Not your average chest rig.

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Ive been toying around with pouch placement on my V4 Warlord:




I'm going for a very light setup for use with my M14's. I think Im gonna stick with this for now.....


What kind of pouches are those? I'm considering getting a G3 in the future, but I'd like to know where one can get 7.62 pouches and how much they would cost before I make a decision :)

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This is going to be my berget loadout, (don't have the mich 2000 here, its in my other house :huh: )



Sun is shining :P




Covering fire




When im out of 5.56, i use the good old 9mm sub machine gun, the MP5.




I usualy draw my pistol when i get a jam or don't have time to reload in combat, in case

im out of ammo in my m4. i pull my pistol and start covering myself when i try to get the mp5.



M90 pants and shirt (tough the pants have lost a lot of colour)

G&P assault vest

unkown brand: belt

25 liter backpack, by everest

Black gloves, by Gloves

Strike systems pistol holster

Everest smal pouch (witch i made into a utility pouch,(so i can have it on my leg))

Viking gore-tex boots

Nam' style flashlight, dunno brand

Knee pads, by king arms

unkown water canteen

Minor tailoring modifications


More stuff i will buy

A Cavalvy elite II headset

helmetcover for mich 2000

New saftey goggels or glases




CA Sportline M15A4 carbine with QD suppressor and broken eotech. (i will get a new flashhider, metalbody, ris grip, L-E style stock and a new red dot sight.

CA MP5A5(formerly A4, FUBAR, so i'll just get a new cheap MP5A3 or maybe and MP5SD)

WE Colt 1911 Co2 high capacity. all stock, only sprayed the grips green.



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Robinio - just a quick question: why'd you paint the bolt on your m4?


Because its "was" so SHINY



newhotness, awsome loadout. The rifles pretty sweet to.


Robinio, get some Krylon OD. Now


I wish i could, i can't seem to find it here in the distant forest of sweden :( i was planning

to re-paint it later when i get the new stuff i said i would buy.



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newhotness- I'd remove the EOD patch since there's very little EOD about your gear in its current form and I'd swap out the SAW pouch for something more role-appropriate. You have way too heavy of a loadout for a designated marksman (lol indoor sniping?), and an oddly configured rig for a pointman, assuming that's what you'll be using the XM1014 for.


Overall, looks good, but you just seem to be trying to multitask a bit too much.

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Forgot to mention I'll be using a CQB-R With This Loadout. Mk12 was just for that game. the XM1014 will be on a 1point over my back, I have a weapons catch on my Belt that you can see in the second picture. The pouches will be played with, there not in final positions. the Sig is coming off my leg and going into a CQC holster on the Belt. also missing some knee pads as well.

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