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quick question; does anyone know if cheaperthandirt.com ship outside the US?


I was wondering the same, but looks like they dont... :(


Question: Why don't you ship internationally? Answer: In some countries, it's illegal to own military surplus items - even if they originated there! It would be impossible to keep up with all the laws in other countries to determine if a product - surplus or otherwise - can be shipped there legally. Because we don't send products internationally, we won't mail our catalog outside the US.


If there is any other shop similar to cheaperthandirt, please let us know, because im looking for an affordable OD molle vest and I wanted to buy this "combo" :P


http://www.cheaperthandirt.com/MOLLE714-1.html just for the pouches


http://www.cheaperthandirt.com/MOLLE134-1.html seems like a good vest :)


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FLC doesnt have the back with PALS webbing for hydration and that? If it is I might get one in ACU for my "The Unit" impression and one in green for woodland......

it doesnt have full molle, but it has about 3 rows on the beltish thing that holds it all together, which goes around the whole thing.

wrench bender: that kit if *fruitcage* awesome. best ive seen in months


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but the key is for them to be useful; some people overload their rigs to the extreme, because its "cool" but then they get to airsoft-combat, and they are sucking air in the corner

i used to kinda be like that... then i realized it wasnt fun, so i lightened my load a little. then i got fit as well, so that helped

as it is, my rigs and rifles are pretty huge as they are, but theres really nothing else i can remove. so ill just have to deal


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