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Pics Of Your Gear.

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Okay I seriously have to ask now.... what exactly is your job LS?


I mean, I've seen your pics and it looks like you're in your late teens... how do you earn enough money to spend what looks to be $50,000-$75,000 in airsoft stuff?


Or do your parents help fund your hobby? I'm not being condescending with that question; I'm just curious.

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"The Crunchy Bunny", "bernd" & "mogoose06"...




...I showed my wife LSs post and told her that's what all airsofters except me have.



Now she doesn't think I have too much kit anymore...


...which suits me!



You go for it LS, be a valid excuse for the rest of us.









( ^ English humour! ) ;)


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And a hi res for you guys ;)




"just" a 75% aprox of my stuff...








Some think your collection is impressive..


Personally i would prefer to see your private Blackhawk helicopter you used to take that birds eye view photo.


I think if i get rid of the wife,kids and win the lottery i might invest in some gear like that.


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I know what you mean about the boots, I wear mine instead of my trainers quite alot. I'm in the same boat as you with the desert boots and woodland camo, I was having a PMC phase when I got mine and went for tan over black and now I cant bring myself to spend another £70 just to get the same boots again in black when I have belt kit to buy in OD instead.

I suppose the trouser thing is just down to personal taste and I never bother with it as I dont like it with my tab boots as I feel it just makes them stand out too much.

As for the smock the only thing I know that fades cam fast is giving it to my mum to wash. She managed to fade a new set of Marpat so that it almost matched a 2 year old set with just one wash <_<


Which holster is that you have btw?



eventually i will get a new pair of black Cons becasue they are just awesome.

haha ill just tell my mum to wash it several times over and leave it out in the "sun"


the holster is a BlackHawk SERPA holster


best investment ive had in airsoft since my boots.


im wondering if anyone has any pics of an all TAN loadout or anything that works well with tan.



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Cool loadout Keyser, havn't seen a RAV on these boards in a while.


thanks! It's still hands down my favorite of all the parmor carriers I've had. Ive had this RAV for about 4 years and it's only one I really cant let go off. MBSS' come and go. But the RAV was my 1st big purchase and it's got sentimental value to me.


RAV looks good keyserSOZE, is it the real smoke green version or pantacs OD one?



It's the real deal SG...and the older shades too.

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