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Pics Of Your Gear.

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I've neglected this for quite some time:













1 x MLCS Admin

4 x Double MLCS Mag Pouches

1 x Smoke Grenade Pouch

1 x Pop Flare Pouch

1 x MBITR Pouch

1 x MLCS Med Pouch (IFAK)

1 x Upright GP Pouch

1 x MAP


I took some time tonight and re-placed some of the pouches.


I think I have finally found a setup Im going to stick with.

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That CIRAS is the most beautiful thing my eyes have seen. :wide-eyed:

I'm thinking of getting that in OD Green for a future kit.




Its a little over doing it, but Ammo is cheap Life Insurance......


EI Khaki RRV

2x HSGI Double Mag pouches

2x HSGI Single Mag pouches

1x BHI Radio pouch.



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Im going away for a real steel week end at the end of the month and the kit is blacks so i put this together. I couldnt decide what black vest to use so i took a pic in my ABA SEALS vest. to see how it looked. will get a pic in the DOA vest soon.





Black Boonie (waterproof)

Black UBACS (Is it gets cold i have a Black Raid modified BDU jacket)

Black BDUs

Will be wearing my Converse Warriors or black magnum amazons on the weekend

ABA SEALS vest with viper mag pouch leg rig (may replace it with a pistol holster as im meant to be getting an M240.

Black gloves

Dexter Meadows clip on knee pads

TASC head set and Motorola radio



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What do you mean by this?


Well The guy who runs one of the skirmish sites near me is also PMC and is comeing back from iraq next week until after christmas and has put together a sniping an CQB weekend with real weapons firing blank for the members of his skirmish site and my team.



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My Force Recon loadout, also play with a Romanian AK as battlefield pickup till i get my M4A1.



Blimey matey, you've come along way! Looks excellent! :D


lol :)




Ive followed your progres... I swear im not stalking you though :unsure:

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