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Pics Of Your Gear.

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Superhobo: I've been meaning to say this since the very first pictures of you in this thread. You HAVE to work on your stance!

The kit is great, very nice combinations but the one thing that strikes me every single time is that "Huh, nice airsofter". Your kit doesn't have to be a true impression to make you look like someone instead of anyone.


PS: I do wanna add that Superhobo's kit is much more impressive than mine. DS.

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Why are you canting the gun sideways?


Just for the type of style/mood I was in at the time, lame huh. And no I don't play like that just got done watching Behind Enemy Lines and I was all in that gritty wartorn mood I guess and one of the Serbs in that movie canted his AK sideways while they cleared the shopping plaza scene, stuck in my mind a bit.

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