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Samurai Elcan review

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The main body of the scope is 55mm in diameter, and roughly 155mm in length. The metal mount that the body is fitted to is 30x30x130 in size, sat offset to the base by 45mm this gives an overall length, height and width of ~175x85x55mm.


I'll take some shots of the Eclan fitted to an M4 when I get mine back. ;)

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Ta for that link, will update review in a second ;)


Edit: Thanks, stupidly didn't think of trying the straight .com address. When I was searching for the Elcan's manufacturer page Google kept giving me links back to here.


..ah now it dawns on me it's spelt "Elcan" not "Eclan"..blame it on long nights, lots of work and too much time typing in my spare time.

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Damn, I feel another costly SG-1 project coming along...


Are Airsoft Supplies the only place whos stock this? I had a look on Red Wolf and a coupla others, and saw the Trigger Happy semi replica, but I would prefer this one, so if anyone has saw it anywhere? I don't think they have it in stock ot AS.




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Great review Arn, really detailed and informative. It's a lovely scope too, although I can't afford one... :(


BRAINWAVE: Surely this would be a good choice for people doing L85 AEG conversions? Mount a good strong RIS rail on the top, and mount one of these on it, and it'd look fairly similar to the proper SUSAT...

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good review, the only things that weren't added are that the real steel had elevation numbers on the dial (u can see in the pic included).


Changing the windage is done on the same dial, where the square silver notch is. you push that up and then turn the dial to get the scope zeroed on. im with the canadian forces and getting it zeroed in is a real pain and something that you wont do on the field.

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