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Pictures Of Your Weapon

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M05 eh? You naughty boy! Is it yours or just a lomapuku?

I wish the army would let go of their childish ideas of not selling it to the general public...

Nice aug too, tho ACU is not very good.



You were able to purchase bdu-style suits from Estonia? With M05 pattern. You still can but you need to purchase at least 500$ of products, that makes 5 full suits. PM me if you are interested :D

And no, it aint lomapuku Its my own.


Bloodsword, it kinda reminds cadpat.

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Glad to see I'm not the only one who believes simple can also be effective. :)


the Akms is coming along nicely as well, this is just a shot in the dark, but that AK sling looks very similar to a 58 patt webbing strap.



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its all acm :P

only parts i bought, were: acm ak74/akm top cover, pistol grip, and a can of black spraypaint and some miliput.... oh and the Realsword stock

thats a plastic body, plastic wood, and stock internals (kicks 350s and 50odd m flat )

its not that big a change :P

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My HFC M190 along with it's little clone, the BELL. Both modded to fit into a CQC holster (the BELL on a neat way, just needs a little paint, the HFC on an ugly way, but the plastic was melting under my dremel's bit...)

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