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Pictures Of Your Weapon

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Well this is my baby, my M249, Marena.


This is her back when she was pristine:



This is here more recently, after almost a year of hard play. None of the wear is artificial.



This is my current Primary, bone-stock CA M15A4,


Ignore the Terrible artificial wear, the previous owner did that.



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You're not going to clean the mud off of that M249? I think the wear looks great and adds some character, shows it's used... but in my opinion cleaning mud off is a matter of maintenence.

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RSP, That was almost immediately after I returned home from a game. thought it looked pretty cool with the dirt and mud. Snapped a few photos, then cleaned the mud off.


I personally only clean my weapons inner barrel and gearbox. Anything else I.E. dirt and mud. I don't care to clean it off.


My philosophy is, if you want your weapons clean and your gear pristine. Then chairsoft.





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