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@Luv2shoot - How do you like the KX3? Was thinkin about using one of those on an SBR AEG but heavn't heard any opinions on 'em.



Finally got my 20 round replica. Sure aids in using a bipod.






Hopefully Ill be able to laern to use the Magpul rangers properly outside of tacking paper. Otherwise they're just dead weight on the AR. Cheers.

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Fresh out of the shop, and I apparently had an older-gen lower, and my upper wasn't compatible, along with the hop rubber that soaked up too much lube and the faulty nozzle. So um, it had its issues, but now she shoots beautifully, just need to dial in the hop and we're set.



My only gripe is that Edgar from Team SD forgot to send it with the other pin, still shoots, but, annoying. Gotta get it from Alhambra, CA to Issaquah, WA along with the Hi-Capa I had him service.

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My buddy's Star Mk. 43. I just finished DIYing an optics rail for it and now Im trying to get the box mag to work smoothly.

The rail I used is a G36 side rail, plus 1,5$ worth of screws, washers and nuts. Saves you 40$, looks just as cool and you can set the height of the optic to your needs and comfort just by adding more or less nuts.


Will get better pics and make a small guide tomorrow.



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Guarder/Ino/RMW RPK, RS handguards, RS rear sight, Hero Arms drum, issue pouch and 1PN58 night sight.


Just need some receiver bulges and I'm done.






VFC AKS-74n, RS Hand Guards, RS Gas Tube, RS Rear Sight, RS Cleaning Rod, Converted RS Magazine, VFC Dummy Bolt, Issue Dropcase, Issue Sling & Issue Tourniquet.

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