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Pictures Of Your Weapon

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A pic of mine and my flatmates collection, minus the pistols.



TM M14


TM based metal & wood AK

TM based M4 with G&P ACOG, G&P special edition body, G&P front end, STAR stock

CA based M4 CQBR with G&P metal body, G&P front end, TDI arms grip, delta force silencer, aimpoint relpica

G&P CQBR with G&P Zombie Killer body, Magpul MIAD grip, 552 replica eotech


TM M3 Super 90

TM M3 Super 90 with Mosquito Molds RIS handguard


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Hey, my old AK-74M! Wow, I think that thing has gone through about 3 owners since I got rid of it.


Since this is a picture thread:



yeah, and now I'm selling to also.


Here are some more of my guns.




CYMA AK's x2


JG M16

AGM 416




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2 things,


1) Whats the FPS on the caulking gun


2) not enough 1911(I think I see maybe 2)...


The Caulking gun is firing at exactly 328FPS. It has been fitted with a M90 spring, metal bushings, bearing piston guide, lummy piston and vented piston head. A teflon cylinder helps as well however the bb's don't seem to have much hop after passing through the caulking within the tube. I think I need a systema motor to propel the gunk over 40 meters and then i think I will have the first "non lethal non lethal unrealistic imitation firearm"


I know it's not as pretty as something "candyman" would make however i am proud of it. I'm thinging about fitting a tightbore plastic nozzle to increase the cool factor


I will be skirmishing with it whilst wearing a "Bob the Builder" loadout. I was going to go for a Tommy Walsh loadout however he probably wouldn't know what one was for!

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hmm should have put in the other USMC emblem :P. haha

Nice SHtuff peeps.

Quick question though... what the heck is the CO2 "cable" coming out of that AR-15's pistol grip for?

CO2? What kind of tank do you put on, or do you fill it up with that?


Here's some art of a pistol, knife, and my cover.



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