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Pictures Of Your Weapon

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It has been a while since I have posted a weapon pick or two.

Think of this as what a Belgian version of an AK5-D would look like.

It is still not finished, but I think you will get the idea of where it is going.

The gun is now about 8.5 inches shorter than the regular FNC Shortie.


I call it the FNCQB:







New hand guard

New gas tube

New heat shield

Chopped barrel (to 190mm)

New Flashhider (not pictured) that looks like an FNC but is P90 length.


I used this on Saturday - this gun is still crazy accurate considering that its barrel is shorter than an MP7. With the short barrel the gun now sounds almost like it is a cap gun - it is very loud. The blood type webbing is used to single point the gun off my vest.

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Finally got round to taking a pic of all my guns...then left out my Well P-362 (plus the Five-seveN that should arrive tomorrow).




Top to bottom:

UTG M324, Marui M3 with G&P stock, STAR SLR, CA M15a2, Kalash Ak74, CA M15VN, Maruzen Python 6", TM Skorpion springer.


Zombie Killer CQB SEAL, TM P90, TM Python 4"


JG Ika Zuchi, WE M1911


JLS Benelli RX4, CYMA M1A1 Thompson with wood kit


GuzziWerks SD16, ICS 29 CQB Pistol, GuzziWerks MP16 Mk2


AGM M14 with AZR M&T M1 wood kit

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