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My guns though i should post up the lastest collection -


My P90 RD, my first, favourite and best gun with my Curret Stargate SG-1 Loadout -




Only thing left on it thats origional to what a bought is the gearbox shell, butt plate and hop unit.

Systema Hi-Torque Gears

Guarder Polycarb Piston

Systema Spring Guide

Systema Turbo Motor

Systema Bushings

Systema Piston Head

Systema Tappet Plate

Guarder Air Nozzle

Guarder Clear Hop Bucking

Prometheus 247mm 6.04mm inner barrel

MOSTFET & 14AWG Wireing

7.4v Li-Po


G&P Metal Upper Reciever

L&R RIS Rails

Green Laser w/pressure switch

Ultrafire 6v Xenon Flashlight

Slightly cut down M100 Spring

New P90 Black Body (my old greyish one broke in many places)

SG-1 Tactical Sling


Stats 350fps (last time i checked) dont know about the ROF but it seems pritty damn high.


Also pictured my lovely new M-9 Bayonet which is wonderful, KJ M9, my New Wiley-X SG-1 Tactical Goggles (wonderful), British Camo Shirt with the SG-1 Patches






SAW Vertical Tactical Grip

Tokyo Marui EG1000 Motor

M100 Spring

ACM Aimpoint

Guarder Clear Hop Bucking


Stats - ~330FPS




Star L85 A2 -


Guarder Clear Hop Bucking


Custom L85 Battery


I must say its built like a brick sh*t house. Its bin thrown down the stairs (arugment with my gf), knocked on doors, trees and walls rather hard and stamped on several times and the only damage, broken cocking lever. Thats it seriously. When i got it it had to be seriously downgrading as it was shooting 494FPS out the box, i was shocked and had it chroned 3 more times, came out with in +/- of 10fps and had all my others tested and they seemed normal.




A&K M249 SAW

All the suggested upgrades and tweaking in that brilliant review on here.

EG1000 Motor

M100 Spring

7.4v Li-Po




My First home-built gun. P90 STANAG

A P90 that takes STANAG magazines, needs work but its a workable gun


Stats - about 280FPS ROF isnt bad. No air leaks which made me happy since i built it lol




TM 10" Leon Custom Desert Eagle - 300fps - New rubber finger groove grips (the origionals where bloody uncomfortable)

TM 6" Desert Eagle -~265fps (leon grips, i use the 10" more, yes as my side arm lol)


Both with all internal upgrades apart from metal slides.




KSC Glock 23F

HurricanE full internal tue up

Metal Barrel & Slide

'Polished' Outer Barrel


They are my guns, also the KJ M9 but i didnt bother letting it have its own pico because its nothing special

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G&P shorty stock 1is nice, but not my can of beans. i think im gonna swap the crane stock on the SRC 416 to the VFC 416, and then put a regular stock on SRC. but first i need a crane stock battery, so a cheapbatterypacks.com order is in the future. i would really like a SOPMOD or CTR stock and run a 7.2v lipo in the buffer tube, but i cant seem to find a 7.2v lipo that will fit in a buffer tube, only 11.1s. and an EOTech 552 will be added to the VFC when funds permit.





Classic Army Sportline M4 on top

SRC 416 in the middle

VFC 416 on bottom

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Those glocks look great!


I cant help looking at the paint job on your G36 aswell, I like it :D


lol thanks. tho it never snows in hawaii...i painted it to match with my german winter camo that i got on the cheap. people always ask why i wear it...my response is that "its different"


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from left to right:

-Echo1 MP5A4 with madbul tightbore

-Full metal and wood CYMA AKS74U with element gears, KWA piston, KWA piston head, guarder infinite motor, SRC 6.03 TB

-VFC 416 with upgraded EVERYTHING. SP130, promy TB, EG1000, G&P piston, systema everything else

-SRC 416 with SP110, DBC 6.01 TB, and Deepfire 200mm silencer, Dboys crane stock

-CA sportline M4 with King Arms 150mm "Delta Force" Silencer

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