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Pictures Of Your Weapon

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TM Type 89 EBR. Lots of work to get the RIS to fit but worth it I think.





I've always wondered what it would look like after they released those parts on WGC.

Way better than i expected :D


awesome job!




PS: did they release a metal body for it?


PSS: Picture Request- Can you "un"-retrack the stock all the way? (not sure how to say it haha) :)

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Yeah. I have a foot fetish... ;)







Anyway. I meant the 1911. :rolleyes:

It's pretty decent. For woodland skirmishes, a tightbore and TM hop rubber are a neccesity. The recoil is the best part however.


Brooklyn, it actually feels really good in hand. The grips aren't as plasticy as people say they are. The paint is however kinda of glittery, that's why it looks like "engraved styrofoam".

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