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Pictures Of Your Weapon

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The 416 and G19 in night game config:


I think a KAC style Suppressor would look much better then a KX3.


KX3 only looks good when poking right outside a RAS, I think (And the real one is made for that)


Looks awsome though. I always likeed the shorter barreled 416 better.

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Finaly got a matching furniture and went for the iraqi abused Russian AKM look, pics are crappy and looks better irl.


Inokatsu AKM

Realsteel Furniture

Realsteel Cleaningkit (inside of the stock)

Realsteel chicom sling

Realsteel gastube

Realsteel Muzzlebreak

Realsteel Mags x 3 + ammo







Would really want a 40rd mag for it, got a battlefield pickup 7.62 tula bakelite mag (modded and done) to trade with or cash if anyone gots one? PM me.

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Top: ICS M4/416 with the "HK417" stock off EBB, the 416 parts are off the plastic bodied JG 416


Bottom: WE GBB M4 with a DD MK18 RIS, Magpul PTS sights and an asap sling mount I got with the RIS. And no, that's not "weathering" on the upper receiver, I was going to make it into a 10.5" 416, but gave up and got the DD RIS instead. Ideally I should repaint it, but I can't be bothered.



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Great collection though!


Thank you.



Overkill, how long did it take to amass that collection?


Do you even buy food? or just AEGS? :P


5 years, and yes, I still have money left over for groceries, car inurance for 2 cars, gas for those 2 cars, clothes for 2 kids to go to school, and payments on my house...

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