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Pictures Of Your Weapon

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Yeah Dobey did finish that gun, and now its in pieces in a bag on my floor. The craftsman ship was shoddy, rarley could I find a straight cut, and nothing fit together. Mechanics was poor and it only resembled the rifle I wanted. Now hes holding my original M40 stock hostage even after I told him I'd pay for shipping.


I fit my tanaka action into a RS remington 700 short stock. Alls I have left to do is fabricate a working mag release....which is proving to be harder than said.

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It looks great but why don't you use some less "blingy" screws for the mount?



Funnily enough I did.


I had a choice between black bolts of a reasonable quality but which also rust very easily, very bright shiny stainless steel bolts or a much duller, stronger and higher quality stainless steel bolt.


I opted for the high quality duller bolt rather than a lower quality one.

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My new revamped Star L85!




Star L85 A2

Guarder Clear Hop rubber

6.03mm TB Inner Barrel

G&P 6v Flashlight

Side & Bottom RIS

Star SUSAT - Removed the rubber eyepeice so i can see much more the goggles on.

OD EGLM :D - Took a while to fit but i got it on there, solid as anything!


Im considering adding a 40mm Grenade 'Quick Release Mount' rather like shotguns side shell caddys. But for a 40mm! Although it might make the front look 'cluttered'


I though it gave it a nice unique feel to it, and imo looks better than a UGL.

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Lol, im sure you can!


Its VFC, very nice on a par with ARES but doesnt 'eject' spent shells like the ARES one does. INMO its a better because you really have to learn with the ARES otherwise it slams on the floor!


Easiest thing ive ever done! Just press a button slide off the 40mm tube, unscrew the barrel end cap pull toward you and simple as that.


It was actually Tan, i hand painted the black (lost my krylon can) also theres alot of small scres and parts i didnt want to get paint it. The rest was krylon'd.


A close up :D -




I like the OD so much im considering Kryloning my Tan SCAR to match!


I also just built a trigger from the 7.62 adaptor, which will be krylon'd OD tomorrow!



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Family pic ;)





ACM Mossberg M500 with ATI heatshield/ghost rings & ATI gripped cocking handle

Maruzen M890 with Mad Dog kit & folding stock

Custom H&K MP5KA3

2x ARMY MEU (gilded)

KWA Glock 19 (my first GBB, sniff )


DE M3 Super 90

VFC FN Scar-H (awaiting EGLM)

CYMA M14 with wood stock, upper ris & KA M3 scope


A&K M60 MK43 Mod 0 - awaiting upper rail placement & eotech

A&K M60 classic




Needs moar guns imho ;)

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