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Armalite Picture Thread

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Alot of shooters are enjoying a forward mounted vertical foregrip. It helps them drive the rifle a bit better than a foregrip mounted closer to the magwell.


If your arms are long enough then there's no reason why you cant still pull a nose to charging handle.


Good looking ar15's guys.

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Very nice! The only thing that I dislike, is the lower RIS panel, how its longer then the RIS itself :( - You should either trim it, or buy some Magpul XT Rails - They would look good imo :P


You would think it's longer, but it's not! The side rails and the bottom rail extend forward around the front sight base like that.


Kraut, it's a one of a kind rail system and outer barrel combo. They're both modified from CA pieces. It's not entirely finished yet, but I'll have more pictures when I get it completed.

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Bordom + tools + many AR-15s =


I did put a standard M4 stock on too but my camera died. I really liked it with the M4 stock as well so that might be my next project gun.

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well after 5 years of not jumping on the armalite ban wagon i finally did....


ics base

madbull patriot foregrip

std triangle sight

vortex flash hider


believe it or not but after a good amount of work on the outer barrel i acutally got a 9.6v 1400mah ni-mh bat in that foregrip and was able to retain the fuse too!!!







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Here's some shots of the gun with the finished rail system. I'm still deciding whether or not I want to put a EoTech 552 in front of the magnifier, or go w/ an aimpoint again.


I'm definately going to do something about the "trademarks" though...they bug the ###### out of me!





And the front of the rail system, just for you, kliskey! Proof that the rail panel isn't longer


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Just a plain JG M733:






I was really surprised by how solid it was when i first got it, and even after having it for a while it still is very solid and has almost no barrel wobble (maybe like 1mm or less of play side to side).

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This is my KWA M4A1 with a G&P AimPoint replica.






I like the simplicity of the rifle as it is right now. However, I will add a RIS fore-grip, PEQ-2(for a larger battery), SureFire flashlight, a better flip up rear sight, a new mount for the AimPoint, and paint it in a desert scheme.


That will pretty much make it similar to the SEAL's MK.18. I will keep the same barrel length and the LE stock though.

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He didn't say it would be a Mk18, just similar to a Mk18. And let's not start this discussion again.


Yes, SEALs use CQBR's.


Yes, there have apparently been sightings of them toting Mk18's as well (although that is extremely rare), but Mk18's are not standard SEAL blasters.


To be fair MOOSE, it won't even be close to a CQBR as long as it's got that 14.5" barrel and no crane stock...but don't say Mk18 whatever you do, just to avoid confusion/argument.

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