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Armalite Picture Thread

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Then congrats to you :) - any way of saving money in this expensive hobby is great! I tend to sell my spares.

Just need to get mine picked up from the courier today.


Thanks mate! It's my first G&P bodied M4 and I'm really pleased with it so far :)

TM upgraded M4 gearbox, G&P M4A1 front end, hop & inner barrel, G&P Marine body. TM M4-S LE Stock, TM M4 handgrip, CA metal carry handle & CA body furniture that didn't come with the body.


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I don't like you guys!! I told myself to invest in my VFC SCAR-L & leave my VLTOR alone, but after seeing CALI SWANGIN's & Fisherpruce's setup I'm just itching to go out and buy it and re-build my CASV (which currently looks like this). CALI's continuous MRE looks damn gorgeous too....


Should I wait for King Arm's VIS, or get the MUR now :P ?


I like yours the way it is. I would maybe remove the grips unless...you really need it for grips. They hide the CASV and thats what makes it look so good. ;)


By the way I love your multicam loadout. I saw a link from another forums.

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Great gun!! what silencer have you put on? Is it cw or ccw?





Gaurder M4 OPS inc replica... CCW 14mm... Thanks for the complements... Is nowhere near finished... Hopefully by the end of next month I will be able to have it nearly finished...


It will be getting some nice tan furniture soon....

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Updated my M4's a bit:


- Picked up a brand new VFC HK416 from CSI304

- TB in my Mk18 (new picture just because I was taking pictures of everything else)

- Shortened my M4 w/ CA SIR to a 7.5" steel barrel and stuck a Madbull KX3 and Prom TB


















I <3 5.56

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alright, finally got her back from the shop---

let me know what you guys think. just over a grand dumped into her-- was gonna add it to the 1k thread, but it got shut down....








still need to add:

*spr motor grip

*aimpoint with 3x magnifier and riser

*crane stock


ask if youd like a parts list, internals and externals--




...ya get the crane stock soon cause that stock looks so small and has no balls whatsoever, besides that im liking it! where did you get that front end?

great job so far

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Crunchy Bunny - Yes it is a JG, its currently a ICS RIS Front End, But once a big brown box shows up it will be a G&P RIS Front End With G&P M203. Stay tuned, there will be plenty of pictures of it when Its complete.


Duster - its an ACM Magnfier with an AimPoint QD[RS] If you will, mount. Picked it up at a local trade show for dirt cheap.


Thanks for the love Joe, Although I don't get your last post??



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