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Armalite Picture Thread

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Still waiting on my trigger guard and m150 spring. Another problem I ran into was the end piece of the SPR flashider was not wide enough to accommodate the barrel so I'm trying to figure out what to do with that.

Complete Systema Gearbox

Systema Magnum motor

Systema tightbore

G&P hop-up with systema bucking

G&P bushmaster body

CA SPR front

CA SPR pistol grip

CA full stock

Guarder Steel trigger

Guarder Selector switch

Systema bolt catch

CA rear flip sight

RS Armalite SPR rail

G&P mag release




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Constructive critisism *cough* you know who you are *cough* would be a better way of going about this...


Your gun's main "problem" (Notice the quotation marks? Your gun's problem is all on a personal point of view...we're talking opinions...three might spot a "problem" while three others find it quite nice.) is that it has a LOT of wear in a few places...if your gun is going to go through hell and back, the whole thing will, not little blotches of it.


If I were you, I'd go check out the Worn Weapon Picture Thread...that'll give you a good idea as to where there should/could be wear, and where there normally isn't.



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Where did you get it from? And what do you mean "if you want"? Are there some from whom you get the spacer, and some whom you don't?

I REALLY don't wanna have to buy two scopes, just because I baught the first one from some a**-backwards retailer.


It comes with the scope in the package, as well as the longer mounting screws for the base. I mean you could use it "if you want", sorry for not being specific.


I got mine from RSOV.


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I get the feeling I'll never be happy with my M4... =D It always seems just a little bit off compared to all these other guns... Ah well. I suppose I'll just have to keep throwing money at it ;)








Appologies for the low quality pics, all I've got is my phone camera... At least it's better than the camera on my old phone! =D I must say, I'm loving the Element VLTOR EMod stock. comfortable and holds a battery easily!




Systema Turbo

DBoys Gb Shell with Element 7mm bearing

Element clear red piston and some random vented piston head

Element Cylinder

Element Spring guide & clipped M115 Spring

Element High speed gear set, with the sector short-stroked by 3 teeth

Element Hop Chamber & Red V-hop rubber

Prometheus tightbore (363mm)


Fires a smidgen over 1J - something like 1.08. As such I've got to delve inside it again to get it within the limits for most sites. Damn me being used to 350fps at my local <_<


And now for something a little different; my "VN Carbine". It's a mismatch of some VN handguards and a cybergun M4. It's firing about 280fps and has been modded to take standard mags, so I'd say it's vaguely skirmishable!






Again, appologies for fuzzyness and general low quality of the photos. Unfortunately, there's a lack of natural light and photography skills, so... <_<

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Render I am loving that Carbine! Does the front iron site affect your scope at all?


I would leave it without an M203 but thats me. I prefer the more quick carbine look of it all.

Thanks. The mount is a high mount, so it elevates the dot a bit above the sights (helps if you're using a cheek riser and for other reasons) so no, the irons don't get in the way.


I'm 95% certain I won't get an M203 after selling mine, I agree with you. But if I did, it'd be barrel-mounted.

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Sounds sweet.


I am waiting for airsoft to make a nice looking foldable stocked stand alone M203 or just a nade launcher. Then get a quick rig with like 20 Shell pouches.


As for my M4 pictured up there I still need my Noveske, anyone have one and could tell me how great they function.

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I know they also make an additional M4 5 point stock to go with it. I thought about it getting it ut its like 400 dollars just for a simple trigger pull weapon so I have been sorta cautious. I might end up getting it though when the price drops in the future as the material VFC uses is so realistic.

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Maybe *hopes* it will be cheaper.... Their Sopmod Butstock, while probably being made out of better material, and being better mag than a G&P one, is only $50 with the buffer tube.... There just might be hope out there for it to be cheaper....

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