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Armalite Picture Thread

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If you want to run VN mags in regular M4 pouches, use Magpuls or Magpul ranger plates. Makes em pretty easy to yank out, they sit just above the lip:




Obviously not appropriate for a Vietnam-based or specific past era loadout, but if you don't care about that, it works. It's what I do.


I might add that if you have an AR built as a Recce or counter-sniper rifle, or even DMR, you might like VN mags better if you rarely go full auto, need something that's lower profile, go prone alot, etc.

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Only problem is, that makes each magazine very expensive. Which kinda sucks. :(


But thanks for the input, guys. I think I'll buy an extra VN mag when I order, and I'll see what I like the best, and take it from there. :)


(Can't wait to order.)

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Yes, I was thinking of making them myself. Use some strong type of thread, use the rills in the magazine to prevent bulges and fasten it with gaffa. Seems like a safe bet if I can get a hold of the magazine when it's in the pouch.

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All of the following are Scratch Built


the M733 belongs to my brother, azngoonie313


a few things to mention-


XM177E2- G&P externals/ Systema Drop in

M733- Gaurder externals/ Systema Drop in/ Trijicon Night Sights


more pics (different) on "pictures of your weapons" thread









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thanks for the positive comments guys


also i think your right, the M733's barrel does look a little longer than it should. hmmm :mellow:


in my opinion, the Xm and the M733 seem a lot longer in the pictures than when i am holding them.

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