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Armalite Picture Thread

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This is my family:


From the top:

G&P M4 with G&P ACOG, RAS and LE stock.


CA M15A4 Rifle. Completely stock.


HP's Speziale

G&P Reciever

Madbull JP front

Systema gearbox

M1 Leupold sight.


The lowest one isn't finish yet. I still need a new charging handle, mag release and a harris bipod.



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Hey, it's Evenrud. He's the guy who talked me into taking the step and actually buying an airsoft rifle, instead of just drooling over them on the intarwebz.


So I just ordered my first. Pics will be coming up as soon as I get it. :)

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From last friday, installed the prime colt lower on my M4 PTW. Installing the real steel colt upper later this week, hence the mismatch in surface finishes (though there WILL be some color mismatch when it's installed).



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