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1911 Picture Thread

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that is an excellent replica, those pictures look like they belongs on the Springfield website. great job

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My offering


TM Based

Nova Kimber Warrior Kit

Nova Slide Stop

Nova 3 Hole Trigger

Nova Grip Safety

Nova Ambi Safety

Nova Checkered Mainspring Housing with lanyard eye

Custom Warrior style grips

Airsoft Surgeon Kimber Style hammer


Surefire X300


Total Cost is $974 before tax, labor ($30) and shipping (from Redwolf so around $40).








Enjoy :D



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QUESTION for you Nova kit owners: Is the front sight removable?? Lets say to fit a FREEDOM art fiber sight in??? what do you recommend when comparing the full recoil guide rod or just the regular recoil plug??? And is the finish shady and scratch off easily??



It is a removable sight, and most Nova kits uses dovetail(I think the Imbel and the Colt GI ones don't). However I don't know if the dovetail dimension is the same as the Freedom Art ones, which are meant for Hi-Capa...stock dimension...


I personally like the look of the full length guide rod, functionally I am not sure what the difference will be like....


The finish is hard anodized alumnium...its been pretty sturdy thus far....



@ Laxplayer,


MEUSOC is basically the current batch of rebuilt 1911 based on lots of custom one-off parts on refurbished Springfield Frame for the US Marine Force Recon unit. Due to their need for a 45 cal side-arm. They are in basically the same as any 1911A1, but just rebuilt for operational use and modernized somewhat to today's standard. With accurized barrels and beavertail style grip safety and modern sights.


Current TM 1911A1 is based on the original 1911 A1 used in WWII, now they are releasing the MEU pistol which is basically the same gun(in the guts), but based off the style of the current MEU pistol...

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