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1911 Picture Thread

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Soap? Cheese? :P


Closest guess was ivory. It's actually a beef soup bone, cut and shaped with a it of auto body filler (Bondo) to fill in the back and make it flat. They're really flawed and pretty much unusable cause one's too thick and the other has a messed up screw hole, but it was still an educational experience making them. They're so blurry because I tried to give them a polished look and finished them with a clear gloss, so the camera flash was a little too harsh.

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New Nova MSH w/ Magwell, and Nova Ambi safety....





I think it looks ok, though I wish the color matched better....now just wait for my MEU mag to get here and I think the look is complete....


note the sight have been dotted as well....

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yeah its sanded, I was bored....


doesn't like how it turned out, but with my MEU mags on the way I don't much care for it anymore. I just started with 150grit and work my way to 1000 and applied polish. But the thing oxidized quickly and goes dull....too much work for not much gain....

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Owned quite a few 1911's now.


3x WE 1911's (2 regulars, 1 type C

3x WA Hardballers (yes, three, all at once xD)

2x TM 1911's

1x TM Detonic (its technically a 1911 xD)


My last WE 1911:




Type C custom:




Military Custom:




the WE's when i first started modifying them:




and my three hardballers :D










Currently got a TM 1911 that im waiting for my gaurder metal kit to arrive... also got a detonics metal kit on the way

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