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1911 Picture Thread

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Yes, thats right. I also installed the 3 hole trigger, wood grips, and tightbore. I am working on getting a nineball threaded barrel.


I will try to get a sight picture up in the next hour or so.



Looks good, What brand trigger is that? I can personally recommend the Nineball threaded barrel. I have one installed on My Operator influenced We Tac 1911. Thinking about putting a PDI 6.01 in mine once we restock them.

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Thanks Joe. Had a day with my buddy's 1911 with gunner grip and I loved it and had to get them for airsoft. Well worth it, even the 3 week delay for my meu. Damn you typhoon season in HK.


*note* Gunner G10 grip with TM 1911 (my case meu) should require a few mm off of the inside of the holes to allow perfect flush sitting.

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