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1911 Picture Thread

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Whoa, I don't think you needed to yell at me.


I think you are also missing the point about a retailer selling foam filled silencers versus a civilian owning one. There are different laws regarding the sale of such devices in the US, such as certain FFLs. If there weren't said restrictions, every Airsoft store in the US would be selling the same silencers as the Asian retailers cuz they are a boom accessory. There also may be some differences in state like CA to GA. In Ga you can own a silencer if you have the appropriate permits and tax IDs, Thusly it would suggest that it would be more heavily documented and enforced in GA. Where as, Ca I doubt you can own a real silencer in any capacity.


But hey if you are right then that's great news!


Regardless this has gotten off topic. Can we please get back to talking about 1911s?

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A guy on these very forums where CHARGED from owning a suppressor for a replica GBB. I do not remember his name nor what thread it was in, either this or the H&K probably.


Your source, the deputy, stated a Cali source which seems to be valid in CA USA. The guy was arrested and indited (?) by the BATF.

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it happened a while ago, and a while ago, suppressors were just plain illegal to own for non certified people. but now, we have different laws about suppressors and everything has lighten up and we have definitions and rules that go beyond how it used to be.

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My Two:


TM Colt Delta Elite








TM Springfield Armories M1911











Now who here wants to sell me there TM 1911's so i can have a pair for a Last Man Standing loadout.




i just sold the silver 1911.


However, the delta elite is for sale.

Check my FS post, the kit + real grips alone is worth what i am asking ;)


i really need teh moneez




PS: FOR ALL YOU TM 1911 lovers:


i have 2 TM 1911 mags and REAL COLT Delta Elite wood grips with DE medallions for sale!



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The fact i live in the UK, and that customs are mostly full of retards and fail means i won't be able to buy them anyway. Plus they aren't 1911A1's are they


But nice Delta Elite, i have always considered one but don't have the, money or time to do anything like that.



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Must admit good job, never thought it would turn out like this...


I miss my 1911's they are in Belgium no and I'm 4 months away!


Check BA or Den for the Prime msh with magwell.


Vicious I love your Ultra CDPII too, but change the grips to the one I have on my ultra CDPII :D


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here is my current pistol project.


The gun on the right is the real gun I am trying to replica and the one on the left is a WE body but I am going to swap out a lot of the internals and possibly strip and paint the lower OD.


First order of business will be to swap out the hammer and get the gun shooting again.



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You do know that WA used to make that exact pistol don't you?



yeah I know but i wanted to keep the cost down and since i rarely skirmish with a pistol i just want something close to fool around with in the house.





Hey anyone out there know of a good way to do stippling on a metal frame?

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Been meaning to get another .45 for a while now, a slightly odd one.


This was marked as a G'n'G MEU Custom but I'm pretty sure the body is the wrong one, think the body is more along the lines of a SFA 1911 Vickers Signature Grade...even better :D


Added the guide rod and removed the middle panel of the Pachmayr grip's.










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KSC system7 1911. Real steel hogue grips. All metal slide and frame. The frame seems to be made out of the same metal they cast triggers and many metal controls out of with similar finish. The slide has the same finish as typical KSC/KWA metal slides. There are almost no mold lines. In the top picture, the gun's slide is straight but the camera's lens is not the best. The grips that this came with were a dark brown and plastic. The shooting experience is more enjoyable than the TM 1911 I've had. There is some wear on the slide and trigger guard from holstering.





Other than that I am a bad photographer, some of the trades are visible though like KSC they are very shallow.



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