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M14 Picture Thread

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Finaly has arrived:   WE M14 GBB in FPG stock (folding stock and grip are from Beretta BM59, modified to fit M14 stock). If my info is correct such M14 version was used by SEALs in 90s.   Sent

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Great pics guys :)


i have the CYMA kit and it also comes with the stripper clip rail piece for fitting a scope ring.

hope this helps


Is this the one you are talking about? And this will fit straight onto a Cyma M14 socom? Also can it go so that the top rail is underneath(I am guessing no)?


Sorry for all the questions but this would be a nice extra.


Really would appreciate the help.


Cheers :)

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Thanks again!


Kart EBR was the starting point.


I probably won't be doing any more of these. It was VERY time consuming compared to most of my projects.


Some detail on how I did it was added here:




Led, you need to make a 30rd style mag for that shorty....make it all the more mean!


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I know I saw it here on the boards but its the new CQB mod for M14's. I typed it in search and nothing came up, I looked around M14 Brotherhood and I guess I am blind and could not find it. Even looked here backtracking to page 12 or something and I know I saw it somewhere on Arnies.


Does anyone have any info on this or a picture.

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I got it all from Guns n' Guys. My personal preferance when buying PD items - Best customer services, and by far the best prices :P - The only let down is the website, but meh.


In total I paid £360 inc postage and custom fee's :D Pretty good I think ^_^

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Yeah i always get confused on their site. Will get pics up of my semi pimped socom soon. Its the base gun for my ebr conversion when the kit arrives. Have nearly all the upgrades ready.


G&P EBR MK14 Mod O Conversion Kit (Sniper Version)(Black)


G&P M3 3.5-10x40mm scope with sniper mount

KM Steel Hop Up Screw for Marui M14 Guarder Cut-Off Lever

G&P M14 7mm Bearing Gearbox

Prometheus EG Spring Guide Smoother for Ver.7 Gearbox

Prometheus Sealing Nozzle for M14 Series

Prometheus POM Piston Head

Prometheus Hard Reversal Stop Latch

King Arms Tappet Plate

Prometheus M14 V7 high speed gears

Guarder High Torque motor, short type

Prometheus M14 V7 Hard Piston

Madbull Shark hop rubber and buckling

Prometheus Cylinder

Prometheus Cylinderhead

Prometheus 6.03mm 500mm tighbore

KA M14 silencer and vortex flash hider

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Ive only just got back from work :( - Started at 1000, and I have to go back at 2300, and then 1200[am] again tomorrow :P


But im haveing a quick go now :P


I wont have the silencer until a week monday, and I forgot to buy a bipod adapter when I bought the bipod :/ - So that will have to wait too now :(

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