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M14 Picture Thread


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no its becasue the selector leaver has snapped for the 2nd time and the first time i replaced it with a metal selector leaver but unfortunatly it snapped on the other side which was plastic. and i am unable to find a replacment part.


i do like it full auto but i want to use it like the real deal, on semi as a marksman rifle. i have my SR16 for when i need fully auto.


and i have my 1911 if i find myself n a spot of bother.


Have you tried den trinity mate?

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What Sling is that, looking for one for mine. Do you have a link where you bought it from.


Looks like a Uncle Mikes leather sling you could buy from any sporting goods store in the US or cheaperthandirt.com not to sure where you can get them in the U.K. though.


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Google up "1907 sling" and you'll find plenty of options. I got mine at Walmart, and the old adage of "you get what you pay for" definitely applies in this case. :blink:


CheaperThanDirt has them, but I'm not sure where to recommend for the UK.

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Am I worthy of the Brotherhood?


Cyma M14





Eventually, I want to replace the bipod with a Harris, the scope mount with a King Arms, and make the wood stock more real looking (although it looks really nice in these pictures, I think) but for now everything works.

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Oh my. How on earth did you get the "wood" looking so nice. Marui's M14s are plastic bodies, yes?


Yup. All plastic! :D


It's a quite heavily modified version of the Red Alliance "Improving The Look Of Your TM AK Furniture" Guide.




I actually didn't like the way the stock "wood" looked, so I sprayed it all a flat, dull brown. Then using Burnt Umber, Black, and Dark Brown acrylic paints, I would paint, with a brush, the color I was using over one side of the stock. After letting it dry for a while, I would use a shop towel and smear it down, to simulate grain. The "hooking" of the grain you see was achieved by painting a line in the general shape that I wanted, then after drying a little, wiping it to create the "grain" I would then contrast a lighter or darker color on either side of it to give it greater realism.


The black acted as "mineral deposits" in the grain, which, at least to me, made it look quite a bit better. After I had it looking the way I wanted it to, I used a flat clear coat, followed by a spray lacquer (to emulate the real finish on a new M14 stock), then I dulled it down on the wear points using steel wool and rough cloth.


Some more pictures of the finished product:




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scoob: nice trijicon. like it?



The dot's glow isn't too bright. I have to use the polarizing filter to darken the lens to get more contrast. My replica KA aimpoint is brighter even on the lowest setting. I guess that's the difference with a scope using batteries and one that doesn't.


Yeh Navymp. Someone's gotta make those Troys! It's been long overdue. The EBR's been around 2 years now.

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