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M14 Picture Thread

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Love it! Any suggestions on where I can find that cheek riser? I looked on google for a few minutes but had no success; Only saw the pads.


google Karsten cheek piece. does his own cheek pieces for m14 and rifle variants and sells them for ~$50 to $60. Solid piece, i stuck it on my TM m14 without any problems because you can drill through the gaps above where the battery chills in the stock. good luck!

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Would like to know this as well, the only hop chamber I've seen is a spare CYMA one. Did you just swap in a TM?


I wouldn't be surprised with swap it out with a TM unit. Would nice to know if you can. M14 TM hopup unit can be bought from TM showcase on ebay and a few other places.

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Opinion time, guys I'm updating my M14, and since it'll be used for an Army Sniper rig I'm thinking of adding a KAC RAS upper rail to it.


Would that be heresy or would it look decent in your opinions?


It would also let me mount my PEQ as well as push my scope up a bit further.

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I really like how simple it looks in the first photo.


Much like our M21's My platoon and I used in Iraq 2005.


We used the Harris Bipod and Leupold M3 Scope, with a painted synthetic stock (Glass Bedded).


Reference Photo:




I think it would really complete the US Army M21 Sniper look with a nicely painted and worn synthetic stock.....


Edit: Honestly, I have never used/seen the AN/PEQ2 used on an M21 platform. Our night scopes were more than accommodating in low light conditions. I think it would look odd to say the least.


At least WE never used them.


Edit 2: This was my Platoon Sergeant:




Taken from: AmericanSnipers.org


They were instrumental in support of our sniper needs throughout the mission, donating supplies and needed materials. We could not have been as effective without the support of these fine Americans.


If you have any questions about setting up your M14 to M21 specs, feel free to PM me. Im more than willing to share my knowledge of the system with you.

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Justin, based on the photo you posted, that's using an ARMS 21 mount, which is the same mount that I'm running already.


So it seems like besides maybe changing my rings out to badger ordinance, and making a ghetto cheekpad out of a black towel and electrical tape, I'm pretty close.

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does what you already have work? then why change it? why make a "ghetto cheek pad" when you already have one that still fits the look, and works well? why change the scope rings? i never understood that.

but as far as the RAS, its up to you really. what do you like more?

i think a RAS with the PEQ2 on top (if it will clear under the scope) would look great. on the side may add too much bulk

but thats me


p.s. titliest: i remember you looking for a real PEQ a while back, and i have a friend who is selling one. pm me if you want details

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I would honestly just change the sling. If you have a nice hill to roll it down then that as well.


If my memory recalls there is also the matter of the selector switch, BaBaBooey had given a link to me about that months ago, oh where is it....

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Oh snap, that is PERFECT. I'm gonna order those rings and the filler kit tomorrow!


I think what I may do is since I have a spare selector switch from an older parts gun, I may take that fake M21 selector, and drill out a hole equal to the cylindrical portion of the M14 switch, then JB-Weld it into place.

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