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M14 Picture Thread

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Finaly has arrived:   WE M14 GBB in FPG stock (folding stock and grip are from Beretta BM59, modified to fit M14 stock). If my info is correct such M14 version was used by SEALs in 90s.   Sent

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Come on people, its a pic thread, not a place to discuss why the M14 isn't used anymore.


I hate to break it to you but a lot of M14 discussion goes on here. It's not JUST a picture thread, if it was JUST a picture thread than we'd have a mod in here scolding us. Besides A LOT of information gets past here about set ups that work for our purpose and others that dont. The history of the M14 is just as important as the pictures :)


As to the USMC using the M14, they do as the M21 DMR rifle. The m14 itself is used by Navy seals as an M14 and by some other special forces units. It's not completely phased out, it's just not the primary battle rifle of the US anymore. It has nothing to do with whether the platform was good or bad. It was replaced on the premise of needing more ammo for supression fire and thats really about it.

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The statement, Marines have man crushes on accuracy....


I think our armed forces would be a hell of alot better off if everyone trained to the same marksmanship standards as the marines do. Just my ten cents.

Probably not, considering the last time I held an M16 was basic 4 years ago. I don't even carry the M9 I'm trained on when I deploy. I sit in a jet and burn circles in the sky. The shooters who need to train on accuracy already do :huh:

On the flip side, I'd love to see a Marine try to use the computer system on the AWACS.



On Topic,

Are DMR M14/21s primarily wood or composite stock? Most seem painted, so I couldn't really tell with my meager searching. Also, anyone ever mount an AP on a regular scope mount? Is it too high or what?


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After looking through the dozens of M14 in action pictures I've saved, the split between wood and composite stocked M14s with scopes seems to be 50/50. Thus, it's up to you. Easiest way to tell the difference, even when painted is the presence of a small metal disk on the side of the stock, above the magwell which is found on the wood body M14s and a raised surface on the side of the stock just forward of the magwell which is found on the composite M14s for the most part.


Hope this helps,


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Thanks for the replies.


I'm looking to build an M14 similar to the one used in the Blackhawk Down movie. I had some pretty good success with my EOTech on my old CA SOCOM (before it was stolen :ranting2: ) so the reflex sight on an M14 appealed to me. I kind of liked the AP configuration in Blackhawk Down. We'll see, if I can get this damned M14 working again...


I want to turn my G&G into an M21/DMR M14 type deal, but I'm not sure whether to keep the plastic stock, or go for wood and give the much sturdier G&G stock to the CA.

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I tried it the other day, and it's very tight. It will go until it has about an inch to go, then gets stuck. I'm not 100% on where it's binding up at yet. I'm going to have to go at it with a dremel.


With the G&G Stock you will have to do some work because the motor on the G&G swivels to assist in getting the motor into the stock. The CA's is fixed which causes the stock to eventually split out. You will need to dremel, or replace the gearbox in the CA with a G&G one.


The G&G Gearbox is proprietary to the G&G M14, the CA uses a slightly modified G&G Gearbox (Fixed motor mount and TM style crappy fire selector) There is no reason it should not work with some elbow grease.

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Question for you G&G soc 16 owners ive lost the screw on my KAC ras the screw is the one on the left that screws into the body any one able to tell me what size the screw is so i can go get a new one as taking the gun into b&q and trying random isnt a good idea.


Cheers caaw


this screw



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anyone know where i can get a plug to cover where the selector switch was? ive decided to use mine as a Semi only as it should be in my opinion. mostly for the games i play recon in.


anyone found a good way of sticking a vert grip on the stock? still looking for sollutions.


oh and any news of a MODSTOCK version to be released soon?


I had a gun tech mod mine to be semi auto(KART EBR and GnG). Or do you mean some sort of plug like real semi M14s have?


the plug like the real semi's have. ive simply removed the selector leaver on my TM to enable semi only fire.


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