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M14 Picture Thread

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many reasons.


1.i cant afford an EBR kit

2.have the similar ergonomics as a standard M14

3. lighter than an EBR kit

4.the cheek riser is very handy when im going to be using optics as a standard M14 has none.

5.no fiddling with the wires or have to get a new battery to operate it

6. has RIS rails which are very useful rather than buying a RAS kit

7. the bottom rails with the vert grip is what ive been after for a long time

8.the shorter barrel and with the adition of a forward RIS featuerd on the SOCOM's will enable to to be used in tighter areas therefore making it more flixible and easier to handle over the standard M14.



plus i think it looks amazing. yeah they arn't everyones cuppa tea and they are "ruining" the M14's natural looks but i say its better looking than a EBR or SOPMOD.


altho a MODSTOCK would look the muts nuts imo.


and i fancy something a little different seems everyone either has a SOC, EBR, SOP or a DMR this is a little of them all combined into 1 simple stock.




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There is an awesome custom M14 at Wolf Armouries at the moment on disply. It's got an amazing custom paint job with a skull and crossbones on the stock.

If only I were £350 richer...


Thats Caz's paint job for the blackhawk down paint section. I havent had any of my guns Sprayed but he does do some rather cool and interesting spray jobs. All base coated and Krylon services :D


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Can I request a picture of an M14 out of its stock? Is the action/barrel a complete unit, or does it rely on the stock to become a functioning gun? Stuff like safties, fire select switches and aesthetic bits don't matter so much.

It's for a project; i'm searching for the most suitable base gun.



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