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M14 Picture Thread


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My Kart MCS .308 technically an M14.

I am going to experiment with it.





Gearbox has an extra gear. motor is IN the pistol grip.


All in all, you either love it or hate it.

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That REALLY, REALLY needs a SOPMOD crane stock.


I don't know if I would take a stock like that, but I am not going to "magpulize" this one.

I am also thinking about a nice green shade of colors, no Tan.

Becaus of it's weight (about 10 pound, only the gun) I am thinking of using it during colder events.

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well, i scrubbed through this thread for some inspiration and theres only thing i need to say.


screw you guys. i have finally, totally lost interest in the AS Val build and i really really want a sopmod.


hopefully ill come to my senses soon.

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It's plastic, fibreglass to be exact. The wood effect is good enough. If I happen to get a wood stock, I will change it though.


About the accuracy I can only say so much: 10 meters is FAR to close to judge it! I need to test it on a longer range. And the blowback is the strongest I've seen so far on a gbb. (And I have seen a few...)

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