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M14 Picture Thread


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I would.



Not sure if I've already asked you NV so apologies if I have, but do you find it's a decent shooter? Personally if I was going to skirmish something that hefty I'd want to make sure it was going to kick out accurate shots at a good range.


Well the hop up messes up some times once every 5 shots. but it is more than accurate.

It will receive a systema bucking and a deepfire 6.02mm inner barrel to straighten that out.

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I am not a fan of mixing OD and TAN weapon parts but again it looks good on that M14.


Hmmm its actually quite pretty. Nice work.


It's foliage green, not OD. ;)

OD would be too dark.


I used it in a small game last weekend and it's a very good shooter so far.

Though very heavy. Only 350fps is allowed so it's a bit of a downside.

If higher FPS was allowed for this replica it would compensate for it's weight.


So I am thinking of selling it in favour of some type of SR-16.

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NV, think we can get a internals list on that beauty?


also, which G&P m14-ebr did it start out as, as ive been stuck b/t an m14 (dmr role using either tm/gg/gp) or the magpul masada?



internals are all G&P and stock. Pumping out 340-345FPS (original was 380FPS, needed to downgrade to comply )

with a nice ROF on a 7.4v 1200mah lipo.

The hop up is responding much better since last weekend.

Still will be replacing it with a systema though.

Basically the G&P is the same as the TM, that's why their parts are so compatible.

It started out as a G&P MK14 EBR MOD1.

I bought it from Ehobbyasia.

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Echo1 M14 EBR

-CenterPoint scope

-Winchester 9-13" bipod

-G&P scope mount (cut down to fit with EBR chassis)

-Element SPR suppressor

-Pantac M60 sling


The scope was $70 at WalMart and included rings and flipup covers. Honestly, the best $70 for a scope I've ever spent. Clear lens, great quality, illumination is good, and adjustment is crisp.

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Mines a "work in progress" :)


Got it with no cleaning rod, second hand but hardly used but never been cleaned. Had my first play a few weeks back, and while it is a quiet running gearbox, nice rate of fire it was lacking a bit. Tried playing with the hop to increase the range but no joy. Now after a strip down... the barrel was filthy and needed 14 patches run through it, now clean and shiny, the air nozzle had greasy ###### on it and the the hop rubber too, there appears to be slight wear to the rubber lip as well.

So swapped out a TM rubber from my other AEG, PTFE taped the hop-unit and instant performance gain. Before it would only dent a coke can, now it goes through, was running at 280fps before, so a gain there.


With a good cleanout i hope the hop will have more effect now, i reckon all the dirt was screwing it up, retest at the weekend so see how it goes.


I have a CA Scout any hot choice on a new nub and hop rubber, was looking at the Madbull rubber/nub sets any one tried them ?

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I'm a fan of the polar star SCS nubs ATM with some kind of hard rubber, a system or a gaurder will work as will an ECHO1 hard rubber. Another option is the stock nub and a firefly hard v bucking/rubber, I have yet to try it but have seen/read/heard good things.

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Ta frogfish, will look into it, kinda hit my photo limit for now so more later. Getting chrono'ed at the weekend so will find out what gain a clean up has made. Rather than just drop in a bigger spring i want to see what i can do with the hop first, after reading some of the technical debates on this forum that seems to be the way to go.

The stock CA Nub is very soft and had little effect with .2 & .25 i suspect due to dirt everywhere.


Never thought about an AEG this big, i was bought up on Mk4 Enfields, the M14 has that classic rifle feel to it, like an old friend, nice balance too, just needs dialing in now :)

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Hey all, quick picture request.


Could someone please post a picture of an EBR with a short dot? I want to be able to have some magnification but still have the ability to use it in tight spaces which made me think short dot, but I can't really picture it.



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