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M14 Picture Thread

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Would like to share with you pictures of two of my rifles, both are WE GBBRs:


- Regular M14




- Use this as my primary all year rifle for Vietnam and other early 1960s games, trainings and other events. With MAPP gas has stats roughly 125-130m/s with 0.43 BBs with range above 90m during winter and above 110m during spring/summer/autum. But still needs some work to tighten the grouping in semi. The rifle has USGI proofed real steel stock & handguard, modified trigger group, RaTech real function bolt catch, Maple Leaf bucking, 500fps nozzle and teflon taped chamber to reduce gas losses (the increased power and ShotperShot consistency mostly comes from this mod).


- EBR M14 (so far not much upgrades, except ratech barrel and ML bucking, real work on her should be done this year)




Edit: m/s correction. Original was for 0.45BBs

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The original GI late 50s/ early 60s stocks were made from walnut or birch woods so if you want to go that way, the wood should be much more darker. Check the color on my WE M14 fitted to GI stock (few posts above). If you want some more pics, let me know.



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