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M14 Picture Thread

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Are the Cyma with the real wood stock a good choice?


Internally, yeah.


Externally, I might just have gotten a lemnon, but mine came with a broken grip, which I was able to repair, but I lost a nice chunk of wood.


In any case, the grip/motor area is very thin and prone to breaking. My G&G M14 Veteran has solved this by making the are thicker, at the cost of losing a bit of the RS look.


Also, the wood is cheap and ugly as hell, it's foing to take some skill to make it look like "serious" wood. God knows I tried.

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Yep, in my opinion the best available aeg on market is G&G M14 Veteran, although it’s slightly shorter and a bit thicker, TM’s longer, taller and thinner proportions are a bit more toyish (to me).


WE GBB M14 is the way to go



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The Veteran I got years ago was the most accurate AEG out of the box that I've ever had.  And I've had a few AEGs over the years...


Also: I found that I could install a bunch of RS parts/accessories that I sourced from Fulton Armory, starting with the plasticky cover that goes over the forearm.

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