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H&K Picture Thread

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i thought the same thing before i saw the video. and now ive been considering picking up one of those lipos. only problem is i have a SRC 416, and i think i remember reading somewhere that the SRC and VFC outer barrels are different diameters.

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Pkekyo-nor thanks for the heads up dude. i am sure if you take a look in the gun rooms thread you will see i dont mind getting my hands dirty with mods and repairs.


Sigmaboy, thanks for the vid however i live my Hurricane 417 battery stocks and have 3 of them at the moment already.

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Dear [insert airsoft manufacturer here],





For the love of ALL THAT IS HOLY....


Make an HK417.





The world.



But gorgeous 416's guys... Titanium, I especially like yours, though I have to say I'd end up swapping the AAC stock for a CTR, and the scope for an EoTech, but hey... personal preference. :)

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"Africanised" HK-53:


"Normal" configuration (I want to swap that open red dot sight for a closed one or telescopic sight if anyone is interested).


Night/Urban version (or put another way, for when the red dot sight batteries have run out)

My mates also turning up an extra 2" of plain barrel to give it that G3KA4 feel.

Hope you like,


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mikoyan99, mabye I missed this, but how did you get that handguard to be the correct length? Is it real, or a mod to an MP5 handguard? The CA HK53's front end is too short, very nice to see a shorty with the correct look!


Easy- I bought the KSC :P



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Internally, I don't know, but externally it has two modes:

Spring, where pulling the charging handle cocks and loads the spring for a single shot.

Electric, where you flick a switch next to the trigger and the motor winds the piston back, so when you pull the trigger it flies forwards like a real gun's bolt and fires a shot. The motor then re-cocks the spring, and the process repeats each time you pull the trigger (so reaction time is much faster than most aeg's, which cock then fire when the trigger is pulled).

On full auto, it makes no real difference.


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custom built MP5K with A3 lower



CA MP5K metal body

CA MP5K foregrip

CA MP5K A3 lower body

Galaxy gearbox & hopup (with another hopup rubber)

TM eg1000 motor

pc case screw ;) (because the CA lower is normally used for the TM & the galaxy gearbox is a tad bigger, the rear pin doesn't fit 100%, so i fixed it with a screw i found lying around.

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I'll second the opinion on the HK417, it's been a plan of mine since I first saw it.


Would be awesome to build one, the RIS is the only real hazzle.


A&K SR-25 Upper and Lower. Fill in the markings and make new ones. Take the upper to a machinist and have a add-on riser rail added.

Element Target Grip

King Arms 24" HB

MagPul PRS

Mod the receiver to take G3 magazines ;)


Perfect replica of pre-production HK417 prototype.


Take two HK416-RIS and take them to a machineshop to make the 20" HK417-RIS

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VFC 416 without a single stock part in the gearbox other than the shell itself. its running a SP130, G&P piston, Systema gears, and thats all i know for sure. ill be replacing the SP130 with a SP120 in the near future, so ill open it up and figure out what all the parts are then. it also has either a G&P or a Promy hop up chamber (the dials are blue, so im guessing G&P), and promy barrel. i have a gutted TM hicap in the flakjak goggle back, with an intellect 9.6 in it. itll have to stay like that until i mod the thing on the back to fit teh G&P shorty stock i have. enjoy.






EOTech coming soon.

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